Transparent Bra – From Ancient Times to the New Age

Did you know that the bra has developed during the time? That’s an interesting fact since most people don’t think of bra as an invention – well, it actually is an invention.

The women in Ancient Egypt used to go bare-breasted under their tunics, the Roman Empire women wore breast bands, and thousands of years later, in the 16th century, they created corsets. Can you imagine how uncomfortable they were?

The first bra was created in 1866 in the United Kingdom, and it was made of silk and the wire. Later on, it started developing in many ways, and the first modern bra was created in New York in the 20th century. Well, that’s a lot of time.

If you take a look at the bras from the early 90’s, you’ll notice that they are made of sheer fabrics – just like the see through cups which are popular nowadays. And you’ve probably thought that the transparent bras were new in bra industry.

A transparent bra is an all-in-one package, and it works perfectly with all the garments you can imagine – halter necks, tank tops, low cut dresses, and lots more. So, you must have it in your wardrobe!

Here is the list of the most popular transparent bra’s types and models:

Transparent Straps Bra Is Timeless

This kind of bra is always the rescue when you want to wear an open shoulders blouse or backless top. You don’t need to remove your standard bra’s straps and worry that something might slip down – just wear a transparent straps bra and show your bare shoulders to the world!

Have a look at these two models of transparent straps bra, and you’ll understand its significance:
  • Padded Underwired Bra Transparent Back:
This bra is ideal for open shoulder, backless and see through outfits. You don’t need to worry if the bra color matches your top color, just think of how good you’ll look in it!
  • Women's Strapless, Transparent Straps Push Up Padded Bra:
If you prefer push-up bra, this one is perfect for you. It's stable, comfortable and it gives excellent shape to your bust. You can wear it anytime, and it's convenient for wedding dresses, backless gowns, and low back outfits.
As you can see, this piece of lingerie is quite practical for any style and it can be easily combined with every garment. With the transparent bra, you can forget about the annoying bra straps that keep spoiling your perfect outfits!

See-Through Bra – the Revival of the Vintage Culture

Women who lived in earlier centuries used to wear provocative clothes to reveal their sexiness. If you pay attention to Marilyn Monroe or Cleopatra, you may notice that they were not ashamed of showing their breasts.

And here comes the see through bra!
As its name says, a see through bra provides a complete view. Even though you may think that this bra has no “function,” it’s actually a life-saver sometimes. It’s pretty comfortable because it’s mostly wireless and it’s excellent for those women who prefer sleeping with the bra on. Classic see through bras usually have triangular-shaped cups and elastic straps, but new models bring more different designs.

Let’s see some of the most popular see through bra’s patterns:

See-through bra with embroidery

Embroideries are really popular in nowadays’ fashion. There are a lot of T-shirts, jeans and even bags with embroidered roses, cactuses or any other “botanical” symbols. The garments with embroidery tend to be more expensive than “usual” clothes, and the same is with such bras. Have a look at these models:
Party Bra Bralette with Handstitched Embroidered Roses

This is a real example of the embroidered see through bra. It’s great to wear it at the parties or photo shooting, and it goes perfectly with the leather jacket and high-waisted skirt. Would you dare to wear such an outfit?
Embroidered Floral Lace Azalea Bralette Set

Here comes the cute floral see through set. It’s handmade, unique, comfy and sexy. You can wear it anytime, it matches every style, and most importantly, you won’t feel it on your skin.
The retro look is always a good choice. It makes you look classy and elegant with a simple dose of sexiness. Try it, and you won’t regret it!

See-through lace bra

Details like lace are always in. It embellishes all kinds of clothes, especially lingerie, bringing the aristocratic style. The lace patterns were popular throughout history, and they were a component of every dress, corset, and parasol. Lace is often used in contemporary fashion, and most of the women find it sexy and elegant.

Lace is mostly used in the bra industry, and it comes in many different styles, colors, and patterns. See through lace bra is among the most popular bra models, and here are some of the most representative ones:
Female Transparent Lace Bra

This see through bra’s cups are entirely made of lace, and its wireless “mode” provides comfort and pleasant feeling. It goes well with any sheer shirt and represents a small detail that completes your look.
EMMA White Lace Sheer Bra

This bra is an excellent choice for the brides-to-be. It’s white, laced and transparent and it’s primarily made for wedding gowns. Its underwire provides stability, and its light materials are the source of comfort – just like you need to feel on your wedding day!
When it comes to lace, there is no mistake. It’s always a good option, and it’s suitable for everyday outfits. Who says you can’t look sexy in the middle of the day?

See-through mesh bra

Mesh is another popular cloth material. People tend to associate it with gothic style, but the mesh is present in couture in general. It became a fashion detail in the late, and it’s been an inevitable fabric in all fashion shows since then.

Mesh is, along with the lace, one of the most popular lingerie designs. Many women find the mesh sexy and provocative and most of them decide to buy underwear with this small, but effective detail. If you are one of them, then you’ll love the see through mesh bras! Check out these two models:
Black transparent sexy bra

This bra is made of high-quality Italian mesh, and it’ll make you feel sexy even when you’re wearing it underneath your old baggy clothes. Its metal frame provides stability and support, and it can be impeccably combined with some airy black shirt or blouse.
Smoke//Vapor//Nude Transparent bra

Don’t think that the see through mesh bras come only in black or white color. Look at this one, for example – you can choose between pink, purple, mint green and black and all of them are specific in their own way. Your favorite color speaks your personality, so, go and find what you need!
If you don’t feel comfortable wearing mesh, don’t worry. There are many other ways to express yourself just how you want it – and remember – the best way of looking good is feeling good!

See-Through Sports Bra – A Modern Age Invention

Is it possible to look good while working out? Nowadays, more and more cosmetic companies produce gym-proof makeup which is specially made for exercising, and sports brands tend to make sports bras that are nice and comfortable at the same time. So, yes, it is possible.

You’ve probably seen many different sports bras models. They are all designed similarly, and their primary function is to provide comfort and stability during the workout.

You’re looking for something more attractive? Have a look at the see through sports bras!

Speaking of see through sports bras, you must be wondering how they look. Well, they are not as provocative as the ones you saw earlier, but they do provide a dose of attractiveness. For example:
Women’s See-Through Front Sports Bra

This is how one see through sports bra looks like. It’s seamless and padded, and it’s convenient for every type of sports activities. The mesh patchwork provides more breathability, and it brings you a dose of elegance.
Women’s Dual Strip Sports Bra

If you prefer a subtler way of expression, have a look at this see through sports bra. It covers the whole bust, and it’s especially suitable for jogging or running. Choose your perfect color and ready, set, go!

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