Best 5 Posture Bras for 2022 (+Buying Guide)

Most women dream about big breasts and prominent cleavage. However, only those with big bust know how difficult that can be.

The truth is, bigger breasts bring a lot of “troubles” to a woman’s ordinary life – they require high-quality bras, which are mostly pricier, and very often, they can be a disturbance when it comes to sleeping or doing sports.

Apart from that, the larger bust can also cause problems such as shoulder slouching, back pain, and bad posture – and that’s not something that a simple push-up bra can solve. Luckily, there is another option available on the market – a posture bra.

Posture bra will provide your breasts with more support, and you’ll instantly feel the tension release on the back. You can find loads of different models and materials available on the market, but you should know that not all of them will bring you the same dose of comfort.

To help you get a broader picture of the posture bra, this article will explain its idea, and it will show you the best models you can find online or in store.

The Concept of the Posture Bra

Nowadays, most women suffer from back pain – it doesn’t need to be caused by big breasts only, but also by the incorrect posture, wrong way of sitting, or looking toward the ground while walking.

Apart from that, the incorrect posture often causes shoulder slouching, which not only looks bad, but it can affect the spine and the back in the long run. And that’s where the posture corrector bra kicks in!

Posture support bra doesn’t differ too much from standard bra – however, it does have better coverage, crisscross pattern at the back that supports the shoulders, and their design is not that diverse as the one you can find on other bra models
Even though some models might remind you of the tight, medieval corsets, posture bras are actually pretty comfy – they’re usually made of high-quality materials, some of them are wireless, and most importantly, they make you both look and feel better.

Anyone can wear them, but they’re especially recommended for the women who:

  • Spend a lot of time sitting or standing: If you’re one of the women who spend a bunch of time sitting or standing at your desk at work, you should consider a posture bra. These positions can be stressful for back and neck, and this bra will remind you to keep the right posture – also, it will train your muscles to do so.
  • Have a big bust: As mentioned before, the big bust can cause discomfort during everyday activities. With posture bra, you'll be able to stabilize your spine and back, which will improve your standing.
  • Have had a surgery: If you've had any operation related to your back, neck, or shoulder, posture correct bra can ensure you keep your posture safe, healthy, and appropriate for your medical condition. Still, you should consult your doctor before you purchase the bra.
  • Want to look confident: Posture bra makes you stand straight and makes your bust look more prominent and firmer. That way, you look and feel more confident.

What to Look for in a Posture Correcting Bra?

Although this kind of bra represents a source of comfort, support, and confidence, if you don’t choose the right one, you could face certain inconveniences.

So, here is the list of the things you should have in mind when choosing the right posture improving bra:

1. Bra Size

As always, the correct size is one of the essential factors you should bear in mind when buying a bra. When it comes to posture bra, it also comes in various sizes, and they may vary from brand to brand – hence, measure your bust size, and try multiple models until you find one that suits you best.

2. High-quality Materials

Nowadays, you can find plenty of bras in different designs and materials. Even though some fabrics look the same, sometimes the differences may be huge – so, try to find a posture bra mostly made of cotton, spandex, or other high-quality materials that will feel nice on your skin. Otherwise, say goodbye to comfort and good posture.

3. Hooks & Straps

If you want to achieve the highest level of comfort, make sure you find a bra where the hooks are easy to attach while wearing it – posture correction bra usually comes with the hooks that are either in front or in back, so you can choose what is better for you.

Besides, if you are between sizes, the best would be buying the adjustable bra – some posture bras allow you to position the straps the way it fits you best, and some of them are adjustable in different ways. So, you have various options to choose from.

4. Support Type

The design of the bra speaks for the type of support it provides – most of them support the bust, back, shoulders or spine, and the best would be to consult your physical therapist about the posture bra that would suit your needs, especially if you’ve already had some problems regarding the mentioned body parts.

5. Sweat-absorbing Materials

If you do sports regularly, you’ll need a bra made of materials that wick the sweat away. So, if you want to purchase a posture sports bra, look for one that consists of the breathable fabrics, since it covers the large part of your body.

6. Read the Posture Bra Reviews

If you’re buying online, don’t forget to read the feedback from people who’ve already purchased the bra model you liked. The reviews can significantly help you decide whether the garment is worth buying, and you can also see the comments regarding size and materials.

Now that you know the fundamental idea of wearing a bra for posture, let us present you top five models that will provide you with excellent support and better body position.

The Best Posture Bra to Buy in 2022

As you may assume, posture support bra comes in various models designed for different purposes – re-aligning the spine, minimizing shoulders slouch, reducing upper back and neck pain, and improving the body posture.

1. DELIMIRA Women’s Full Coverage Support Bra – The Best Back Posture Bra

If you’re looking for a minimalist, simply-designed back posture bra, you should have a look at this DELIMIRA’s model. It’s made of polyamide and spandex, which gives it enough flexibility, and its crisscross cotton lined back straps bring a significant dose of support.

It provides you with excellent coverage, and its wire-free and non-padded cups make it quite a comfortable solution for everyday wearing. It comes in seven colors, and each of them is suitable for combining with other garments from your wardrobe. Based on buyers’ feedback, they liked the support this bra provides, it’s soft fabrics (it’s convenient for sleeping), as well as the fact that the straps don’t slip.

Speaking of the drawbacks, many women complain about the size – even though they’ve selected the right one, they claim that the model is too small. Also, most of them would prefer a better lift and more separation between breasts.

2. Exquisite Form Fully Front Close Posture Bra – The Best Longline Posture Bra

This Exquisite Form bra model provides you both with excellent support and a sophisticated, feminine look. Apart from being designed to improve posture and reduce inconveniences, it also brings you a perfect body shape – its wide elastic band creates a waist-slimming effect, covering the side fat.

The women who’ve purchased this bra are satisfied with the amount of support, both for back and the shoulders, the crisscross elastic back bands the flexibility, and the way it fits. They also claim that it enhances the posture and reduces the pain caused by too much sitting or standing.

However, some of them find this longline posture bra too small and tight, and most of them don’t like the fabrics.

3. Carnival Women’s Front Closure Bra – The Best Posture Corrector Bra with Adjustable Straps

Who says that posture improving bra can’t look elegant? Au contraire, this Carnival’s model is quite a luxurious choice. It’s made of soft and smooth fabrics which make you feel comfortable in your skin. Besides, its straps are entirely adjustable, which is not so typical on posture bras, and you can set it up so that it gives you the support you need.

Most of the buyers are quite satisfied with this undergarment, mainly because of its wireless design, and the way it keeps the spine straight. Also, they like curved seams in the front, which bring enhanced breasts shape as well.

When it comes to downsides, most of them are related to the straps – it is said that they can’t be adjusted in the best way and that they are big even when set to the shortest point. Also, its change after washing is part of complaints.

4. Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Bra – The Best Plus Size Posture Bra

This Glamorise posture bra is designed for women with bigger bust who are seeking for full coverage. It’s got an adjustable front hook which makes it easier to take it on and off, and its wireless design supports and shapes your bust in a comfy way.

It is pricier than some other bra brands, but you can even work out in it (it’s made of moisture-wicking materials), and you can wash it in the machine without worrying that it might get damaged.

Speaking of the customer reviews, many buyers liked the front closure, the high-quality materials, as well as the fact that it actually improves the posture of the girls with the plus-size chest.

What they didn’t like was the size which seemed to be large, even when measured correctly. Also, many buyers weren’t satisfied with the promised chest lift.

5. Glamorise Underwire Bra – The Best Posture Sports Bra

You must be wondering if there’s a chance to work out and keep the correct posture at the same time; the answer is – yes.

Glamorise posture sports bra is made of sweat-wicking fabrics so that it keeps you fresh and dry during a workout. It’s also got double-layer cups that provide you with excellent shaping, support, and lift, and its cushioned, adjustable straps won’t slip while performing everyday activities. Also, the padded design prevents the wire from touching your skin.

The good sides of this posture sports bra are the full coverage, the wide straps, and no bouncing while working out. Besides, many women claim that it significantly helped them improve their posture.

The dissatisfaction is mostly about the cups – many buyers find the cups pretty “weird,” and they don’t like the material it’s made of.