Nursing Sports Bra – Dedicated to New and Active Moms

There are certain clothes you can wear that actually make a difference. Your favorite shoes, jeans, or dress you can wear all day and still go dancing, the T-shirt that you washed 100 times, and of course, favorite bra.

When you are pregnant and after, just about anything that digs into your body in any way feels horrible. So, you’ll need proper and supportive sports nursing bra to get into shape again without unnecessary pain.

Finding a breastfeeding-friendly bra that both fit your new body and allow you to feed a baby without actually taking clothes off is often easier to say than done. For many moms, buying nursing sports bras for comfortable workout is challenging sometimes.

Fortunately, comfy nursing sports bras do exist, and if you want to exercise at all during breastfeeding, investing in a pair of nursing bras will make life much easier.

How to Choose Right Maternity Sports Bra

Choosing adequate sports bras for expected moms can be quite tricky and tiresome. Anyhow, there are a few details that will help any nursing mom.

These are 3 features that should have every maternity sports bra:

Proper Fitting

In case your cup size is a lot bigger during pregnancy, then consider sizing up even more when you purchase a new sports nursing bra. The extra space will be comfier when your breasts fill up with milk. It'll also leave space for nipple pads without compressing nipples or milk ducts. You'll also need that a bigger band size. Since the rib cage widens a lot throughout pregnancy, so you'll probably go up one to two sizes later on.


Nursing moms should avoid fancy or light sports bra because you want the best support for “your babies.” Therefore, our bra fitting expert’s team recommends searching for a bra with medium support. Since bras with heavy support are always tough on sensitive nipples.


Don’t bother with getting different sports bras for various activities of different intensities. During pregnancy, your breasts will be heavy and dense most of the time. So, choose bra in which you can work out (always consult dedicate doctor before any physical activity) and wear in any occasion.

When is the Best Time for Wearing Nursing Moms Sports Bra?

When you pull off the bra and see indentations where the straps and band were, or breasts are spilling out of bra cups, it's time for a new one.

Every woman is unique, every pregnancy is different, and breasts will change accordingly to these women preferences. Also, you may find that cup size continues to grow during pregnancy, or breasts might increase in the first trimester and then not grow in size again until the last few months.

Therefore, the right time for buying these bras is the beginning of the pregnancy so you may need to buy nursing sports bra several times throughout nine months.

Top 10 Tips for Buying Breastfeeding Sports Bra

Top 10 Tips for Buying Breastfeeding Sports BraHere are 10 tips that help you choose the best sports bra for pregnancy:

  • Pick a bra with cups that are easy to pull on and off with one hand. Why with one hand? Because most of the time your hands will be occupied holding a baby when it’s time to begin feeding,
  • Buy a bra that isn’t too tight or too loose,
  • It should be made from a soft, breathable material, like cotton. Avoid laced and synthetic fabrics, because cotton is more elastic than synthetic materials,
  • A bra should include support panels, wider shoulder strap and back fastenings which are adjustable and supportive for your growing breasts during postpartum or lactation,
  • It should be able to cover the full bust, without any “bumps” at the top, bottom or the sides of the cups,
  • If the bra straps cut into shoulder line and produce pain and discomfort when you are lactating, it indicates that the bra isn’t fitted right. The shoulder straps should stay in their place without digging in, even when you stretch upper body or arms,
  • The nipples should point straight ahead and not point up or lie down while you wear the bra,
  • The hook strap at the bra’s back should be in the proper position. It shouldn't be pointing towards the upper back,
  • “Skip” underwired or hardwires bras during pregnancy. You may find them digging into the skin at different places, which isn’t comfy feeling at all,
  • Before you purchase a bra, always measure your bust and band size. It’ll help you to choose the right fitting bra.

5 Best Sports Bra for Nursing Moms in 2022

These bras, unlike the majority of sports bras, are made designed specifically for nursing moms. Whether you need a fully supportive bra or just something comfortable and easily accessible, you'll find what you're targeting for in the bras below.

Kindred Bravely French Terry Racerback Nursing Bra

It is the best nursing sports bra on the market for 2020, since its comfort, durability, style, ease of use, and support are marvelous. It’s best for women with cup sizes up to D, after which you might want more support from the elastic bottom or underwire band. For most women, this will be a perfect solution.

The bra is super smooth using a french terry fabric that is durable, supportive, and a little elastic to support changing bust size and steadiness between feedings.

It’s a racerback nursing bra with an adjustable style that can be used every day but also adequate for wearing during Pilates or low-impact workout.

Bravado Design Yoga Nursing Bra

This body silk seamless yoga bra for nursing is an ideal solution for an everyday active lifestyle, whether you’re nursing or pregnant. Choose it for low impact activity like yoga, walking, Pilates, or like a regular bra.

Its 4-way stretch fabric will hug your changing shape instantly. This bra has silver breeze technology that prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria. So, you’ll be odor-free and fresh always.

All Bravado Designs have easy open and close, one-handed Bravado Designs ‘b’ nursing clips. Also, the full drop away cup design allows for maximum skin-to-skin contact. A bra conversion kit is included for this model so you can switch from a nursing bra to an everyday bra, once your nursing “Odyssey” is over.

Leading Lady Nursing Wireless Sports Bra

For the woman who is active during pregnancy and wants to continue in that course while nursing, the right sports nursing bra will provide adequate support. Sports bras initially have more support for your back and breast. This bra has an extra support system to help keep chest in place while working out. It also allows women to feel comfy while nursing.

If you’re looking for plus size nursing sports bra, this is a perfect one. Not only it makes the run easy but it also supports back. It’s also great for low impact activities with a flexible and comfortable elastic wire-free band.

Royal Blue Sports Flexiwire Nursing Bra

It is the full supportive nursing sports bra engineered for high impact sports in funky seasons colors available up to H cup. Ideal for moms during pregnancy or after, if you want to get into shape again.

This high-impact nursing sports bra features wide comfort sports elastic under the breasts to straighten the bra to the body, padded front straps for comfort, and a flexible underwire for shaping and support.

The Topcool mesh in the back and cup panels delivers breathable feeling for a more relaxed workout. The Coolmax cotton blend lined cups offer extra comfort during exercise while wicking the moisture away from the skin.

Cake Zest Flexi Wire Nursing Sports Bra

When you’re nursing or pregnant, your body’s going to be running hot enough. Therefore, this bra comes with moisture-wicking fabric as well as mesh panels to help your body stay cool. It is incredibly comfortable to wear, and because of the fabric layer between the cups, it doesn’t bulge out the top.

It’s a high-performance sports bra, so it’ll keep you covered and supported through any sort of physical activity, without painfully squishing breasts together or against you. Just like other nursing bras, this one comes with drop-down cups, so you don’t have to stress about pulling off your sports bra in the middle of or directly after a workout.