10 Ways on How to Get a Bigger Boobs Without Plastic Surgery

Certain women consider their breasts one of their best features. Others may not be contented with their bust size and wonder if they can boost their breast size. Home treatments including work out and nutrition supplements are used as a natural way to enhance breast size. Still, bust size is originally influenced by body weight and genetics, with bosom shape and position also being caused by age and breast feeding history.

The show of lifting breasts in popular bra brands catalogs not only demonstrates that bigger is better but also that supersizing with a push-up bra is globally desired.

Larger breasts are trendy and have led to large profits in an industry that commonly demands cash up front since elective surgeries are rarely covered by insurance. Also, cosmetic surgery is an amazingly profitable business, making an estimated $19 billion a year and predicted to rise up to $25 billion by 2019.

Here are 10 of the most exciting ideas and methods on how to makes your breasts larger to have on your radar.

Choose the Right Bra

Choosing a bra that is either too large or too small can make your bosoms appearing smaller than they actually are. Pick a bra that allows the bosoms to lift. Badly-sized bras can also be comfortless. Bras should deliver support and lift the breasts not flatten them or let them hang loosely. You can opt for padded bras to make the illusion of larger breasts also.

The perfect padded bra will make your chest appear naturally while adding volume at the same time. The push-up bra will really push up your breasts so that they’ll look full and big. Choose these type of bra instead of wearing 2 or more bras on.

And for the best breasts’ “lifting” and fuller breasts appearance go online or to the nearest sportswear store and pick sports bra with removable pads. This bra enhancement is excellent since you can always boost your breasts and also look more attractive.

Try with Yoga

With a variety of simple exercises, yoga builds muscle in the upper body and over time, this can lead to an increase in breasts size. Better still, the holistic practice boasts an array of other great health benefits, too. For instance, regular yoga practice can help you to achieve a toned abdomen, relieve discomfort associated with chronic illnesses, and even make you feel happier.

Some yoga poses help you boost your breasts size by enhancing the fat and glandular tissue in your breasts. Shortly, practicing yoga makes chests stronger, firmer, and shapelier. For desired results, it’s worth choosing a supportive sports yoga bra to wear while work out.

Breast Massage

Breast massage is the perfect way to get a fantastic breast shape. It aids in straightening the chest muscles and boosts breast size efficiently. An adequate bust massage helps in developing the size and movability of breasts. Not only does it boost the breast size but also improves breasts overall health.

Providing yourself with a breasts massage every day may increase the tissues in a bust and help them grow bigger. You can do it by yourself since it’s not complicated. Just, put hands gently on your bust and rub inwards with circular motions for 2 minutes with right hand moving clockwise and left hand going counter-clockwise. Your breasts will not get bigger during the night but giving yourself constant breast treatment is an ideal route to give your babies a lift over time.


Push-ups are the long-established method of working on the bust area. They’re not only good for the triceps, but push-ups can also help in strengthening the pectoral muscles which are positioned under the bust. At the start, you may find this work out a bit tiring, so begin with 2 sets of 10 pushups in a day and boost the number as the body gets used to exercise.

It’s a simple exercise and can be performed everywhere. Just, put both palms on the floor, with arms and feet shoulder-width apart. Then, lower down by bending elbow and push yourself up. If it’s difficult to perform on toes, you can kneel while doing pushups.

Pick an Adequate Food

Another way to enhance breasts size is to consume the proper foods, since certain foods may boost bust size. Still, keep in mind that many of these foods are rich in fats. Yes, they’re healthy fats, but they’ll cause you to gain a little weight. And gaining weight is one more way to get bigger breasts naturally.

It helps with bust size because they are primarily made up of muscle tissue and fat. The thought is that enhancing the fat ratio in the body may also help boost a cup size. Consider, too, that you can’t choose where you may gain weight.

Try to put more oils and healthy fats on your menu, with particular attention to ones rich in omegas such as fish, milk, cheeses, peanut butter, eggs, seeds, nuts, avocados, oily fish, and olives.
Also, you can add onto menu the soy products like soy meat, soy milk, soybeans, and edamame since their chemical compound mimics the natural estrogen in the body.

However, besides oils, fats, and soy products you’ll still need fruits, vegetables, and herbs to balance your nutrition. When it comes to veggies and fruits, focus on a plant that has a lot of phytoestrogens the chemical that mimics estrogenic properties.

Therefore, choose to eat plants like yams, beets, cherries, and carrots. Certain herbs also contain phytoestrogen. Therefore, it’s good to toss them into your cooking or consume like a food supplement. So, pick the herbs such as licorice root, chaste berry, wild yam, and fenugreek.


Many women discover that their breasts look smaller if they’re slumped or slouched. Correcting posture is permanent alertness of how you’re holding bust. It won’t change instantly, but with practice, you’ll be straight again with a great bust line. Walking, sitting, and standing with right posture will certainly make breasts look bigger and more attractive.

To promptly lift chest simply draw those shoulder back, keep a chin up and straighten up. When walking, flex that chest. While standing always keep your weight evenly distributed and knees should be slightly bent with feet shoulder-width apart.

Breast Enlargement Cream

Surely, you can find breast enhancement cream on the market, but always check a product label or consult with a doctor. Make sure to purchase breast cream from legitimate and trusted manufacturers. So, if you make the right choice, this cream can be quite useful. All you need to do is apply the cream to the breasts properly and wait for the wanted results. Besides, it’s pretty convenient concerning usage, and it doesn’t involve a long process. Always check the ingredients used and then move on with it if you want bigger breasts.

Breast Enhancement Supplement

When it comes to bust enhancement, you all know that there are many ways to get it one. There is a wide range of lotions, creams, oral supplements, serums, and surgery that are made and purposed to aid small busted women achieve a fuller and shapelier breast size. It’s almost scientifically proven that the bosom tissue reacts positively to all these products and treatments.

Still, the breast enlargement supplements are the risk-free alternative to breast enhancement surgery. Many ladies are unwilling to undergo breasts enhancement surgery due to the unendurable pain and side effects that are typical after surgical treatment. For such women, natural breast enhancing supplements are a feasible solution that won’t only save them money but also save them from physical inconvenience and mental annoyance caused by the painful breasts’ surgery.

Gain Some Weight

Breasts are mainly made up of fatty connective tissue. Like the rest of the fatty tissue on the body, this is eventually lost when one loses weight. Therefore, if you truly want to get bigger breasts naturally, then all you need to do is gain a few pounds. Your breasts will fill out along with tummy, thighs, and other parts of the body that tend to gain weight more efficiently than the rest.

Anyhow, it’s important to note that all women carry their weight differently. Some women gain weight in their tummy, thighs, or elsewhere before gaining weight in their bust. So, choose this method if you want to add more volume and shape to breasts.

Calorie Balance

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), calorie balance refers to the number of calories that you’re eating, versus the number of calories that your body uses to function. Consuming more calories than body needs is a method to gain weight, and sometimes used as a mechanism to enhance bust size.

It’ll guide to a higher body fat index, but it’s not possible to “hit” these fat amounts in the bust only. Instead, women who boost their caloric intake will probably see small increases in fat deposits all over their body. That’s why gaining weight can increase the risk of many serious health conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and some types of cancer.