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Ultimate Guide Through 22 Amazing Gifts for Women

Choosing a perfect gift for someone can be quite a tough job, especially if that person is close to you, and you want to impress her.

Showing up with the item you know your favorite lady will love is one of the best ways to show how much you care. The present needs to be neither expensive nor luxurious to make someone smile. Still, you should include a dose of creativity and imagination.

The following list of 22 gift ideas for women will help you find a perfect present for all the important females in your life. It’s Christmas time, you better check them out!

1.      Apple AirPods Pro – The Best Gift for Apple Enthusiasts ($249.00 on Apple)

Women love diamonds, but Apple(s) can serve as well, right?

Apple AirPods Pro are among trending gifts for women who love spending time along with different types of high-definition and magical sound. AirPods Pro are also convenient for women who go running, jogging, or hit the gym regularly.

Apple AirPods Pro – gift ideas for women

2.      Quartz Flower Table Lamp – The Best for Women with Luxurious Taste ($1.625 on Neiman Marcus)

If you want to make someone happy by completing their bedroom with a luxurious piece of lighting décor, Quartz Flower Table Lamp is something you should consider.

It’s a bit expensive gift, which is why you should buy it for someone’s special occasion, such as a wedding, or a 25th or 50th wedding anniversary. It can also be one of the best gift ideas for women over 50 who want to complete their bedroom or living room with this elegant item.

Quartz Flower Table Lamp –gift ideas for women

3.      Melting Clock Salvador Dali Style – The Best Gift For Surrealists ($24.95 on Daily Shopping Deals)

If your girlfriend is an artistic soul who loves surrealism, don’t hesitate to bring Dali right in front of her eyes!

This Melting Clock is inspired by the symbol of Salvador Dali’s most famous work of art, called The Persistence of Memory, where melting clocks describe the transience of time, especially in our dreams.

This is one of the unique gifts for her that you can imagine, and it can look ideally in every corner of her room.

Melting Clock Salvador Dali Style - gift ideas for women

4.      Swarovski Crystal Lake Watch – One of The Best Gift Ideas for Women in Their 30s ($329.00 on Swarovski)

When you’re out of the gift ideas, a wristwatch can always be a solution (especially if it’s Swarovski!).

Crystal Lake Watch by Swarovski is a simple and elegant accessory every woman will love. Due to its minimalistic but magnetic design, it can be easily combined with most garments and outfits, and it’s ideal for wearing them in the office and meetings.

It comes in four colors, which gives you more options.

Swarovski Crystal Lake Watch

5.      Radley London Handbag – One of the Best Gifts for Women who Love Chick Style ($139.00 on Macy’s)

Bags are women’s best friends, which is why you probably won’t make a mistake if you choose something like this Radley London Handbag, which you can find at Macy’s.

It’s made of leather, it’s black, and it provides quite an exquisite and elegant look. The best of all is the fact that many things can fit inside, such as makeup, wallet, planner, a bottle of water, phone, car keys, and more. Therefore, it’s an ideal present for any girl!

Radley London Handbag - gifts for her

6.      Writer Mugs – The Best Gift Ideas for Writers ($12.68 on Etsy)

If you want to surprise your girlfriend, who’s an epic writer with a creative and relevant gift, try some of the best writer mug ideas you can find on Etsy.

These mugs are a funny, inspirational, and creative way to show someone that you care about their profession and that you want her to succeed in her writing career. Such presents for women are inexpensive, and they are always an excellent gift for graduations, promotions, employment, or birthdays.

Writer Mugs - gifts for her

7.      Festive Socks – The Best Holiday Gifts for Her ($10.43 on Amazon)

Christmas socks are the best gifts you can imagine when you don’t have enough time or money to pick some bigger, more expensive holiday gifts.

A cute pair of socks is both a useful and cozy gift for all the women who love spending this time of the year in the armchair, with a blanket and remote control or a book. Therefore, check Amazon out, and find some of the most creative sock ideas for women who enjoy New Year and Christmas time!

Festive Socks - top gifts for women

8.      Faux Fur Ruched Throw, 50×60 Blanket – The Best of Gift Ideas for Older Women ($89.00 on Pottery Barn)

Blankets are the best gifts for both younger and older women, but this piece from Pottery Barn is a better solution if you want to surprise your grandma for Christmas.

It’s quite soft and cozy, and it’s ideal while watching TV shows and movies in the living room. It comes in various colors that fit every environment.

Faux Fur Ruched Throw - top gifts for women

9.      GoPro HERO8 – The Best Gifts for Adventurers ($399.99 on GoPro)

If you and your girlfriend love spending time hiking, fishing, paragliding, or doing any kind of extreme sports, you’re advised to check out the ultimate GoPro HERO8 video camera.

It is a perfect choice for girls who love to capture every moment while climbing the steep and incredibly beautiful mountains. Buy it, and you won’t regret it!

GoPro HERO8 - unique gifts for her

10.       Gift Cards – The Best Gift Ideas for Women Who Have Everything

We all have that one friend that either has everything or is too picky, which gives us practically no options when it comes to choosing an ideal gift for her.

Luckily, many stores offer gift cards or vouchers you can give someone who can later go there and select something she likes the most. Gift cards usually include the money limit that goes from $25 to $500, which means that you can choose something in line with your budget.

Gift Cards - unique gifts for her

Gift cards are available on Amazon, Sephora, Nike, and almost every store you can imagine. Most of them will ask you to choose between a plastic card, which will be sent to your home address, or e-card, which you’ll receive immediately on your email.

11.      Dainty Zodiac Sign Necklace – One of the Best Gift Ideas for Women Who Love Astrology ($27.75 on Etsy)

If your friend is into astrology and horoscopes, you should get her a Dainty Zodiac Sign necklace. There are pendants available for each horoscope sign, and they are made in the form of constellations.

This is one of the best small gift ideas for women who love stuff that’s handmade and unique, and it’s convenient for every occasion.

Dainty Zodiac Sign Necklace - top gifts for women

12.      Cactus Soy Candles in Terrarium – One of the Unique Gift Ideas for Women ($37.95 on Unlimited Home Décor)

This is a delicate and handmade item, which is suitable for any woman who loves minimalistic and unique stuff.

Cactus Soy Candles in Terrarium are extraordinary because they come in the form of cacti, and they can bring freshness to any room. Candles are available in many colors and beautiful fragrances, which make it one of the best gift ideas for her.

Cactus Soy Candles in Terrarium - top gifts for women

13.      Stay Focused Planner & Calendar – The Best of Gift Ideas for Young Women ($18.99 on Amazon)

All young women who have just started to work need a dose of inspiration and a well-organized environment so that they can complete their duties seamlessly.

A creative planner is always the right choice for a woman that has started her college or professional career. It can help her plan her time and set a schedule that will facilitate her daily tasks and duties. Check out this planner for 2020 on Amazon and choose a design your girlfriend will love!

Stay Focused Planner & Calendar - gifts for her

14.       Picnic at Ascot Patented Cheese Board – One of the Best Gift Ideas for Women Over 40 ($68.00 on Amazon)

Occasions such as Valentine’s Day may be the perfect ones for choosing such a gift for your better half.

This cheese board from Amazon is an excellent gift for all the women who enjoy picnics and other events that require preparation of appetizers. It’s made of bamboo and other high-quality materials, and its stylish design makes it appropriate for every occasion, even weddings and birthdays.

Picnic at Ascot Patented Cheese Board - gift ideas for women

15.       Baby Yoda Plush – One of the Best Gift Ideas for Women Who Love The Mandalorian ($19.99 on Penguin Plush)

We must admit that Baby Yoda has stolen our hearts. Its cuteness, big eyes and sad look are just some of the things that drew girls’ attention – accordingly, if your girlfriend loves The Mandalorian and its most famous character, check out this Baby Yoda plush on Posh Penguin.

It’s made of high-quality and soft materials, and it’s quite a cute gift for a woman who is a fan of this Disney’s TV show and Star Wars.

Baby Yoda Plush - unique gifts for her

16.       Revlon Salon Straightener Copper – One of the Top Gifts for Women ($44.28 on Amazon)

Hair straighteners are a part of almost every woman’s hair stuff, which is why it may be a convenient gift for your friend who claims her hair is never straight enough.

Revlon Salon Straightener is a high-quality product that won’t damage your hair but will make it look healthy and stylish. It provides a high heat of 455 Fahrenheit, which is a professional heat that provides a fast and anti-damage effect.

Revlon Salon Straightener Copper - unique gifts for her

17.      Lighted Makeup Mirror – The Best of Birthday Gift Ideas for Women Who Love Makeup ($23.99 on Amazon)

Bad lighting is a problem makeup artists are continually facing. That said, if your friend is complaining that she can never put her eyeshadow because she can’t see her face in the mirror well, buy her this Lighted Makeup Mirror with natural LED lights and touch screen.

It’s adjustable and suitable for many things, not just makeup. It’s light and portable, which allows you to take it with you whenever you need it.

Lighted Makeup Mirror - gift ideas for women

18.      Christmas Throw Pillow – The Best Gifts for Her ($14.00 on Etsy)

Decorative pillows can bring a significant dose of joy to any room, and most women find them quite lovely and practical.

Since the holidays are approaching, you can think of a decorative cushion that would fill the room with the Christmas spirit. Check out Christmas Throw Pillow, a handmade accessory that can pretty up any space. Your woman will be glad to have it, for sure!

Christmas Throw Pillow - gifts for her

19.       Pink Sleep Pant – The Best Gifts for Women Who Love to Sleep ($24.95 on Victoria’s Secret)

Pajamas fall into a category of cute and useful gifts for women, which is why it’s always recommended to go for them.

This particular model form Victoria’s Secret is perfect for all the girls who enjoy spending time in comfy pajamas, and you can purchase it directly from the website.

Pink Sleep Pant - unique gifts for her

20.       4 PCS Cake Cream Contact Lens Case – Great Gift Ideas for Women Who Wear Lenses ($11.99 on Amazon)

Women who wear contact lenses would love to see that you’ve bought them a set of lens cases, which will come in handy whenever they need to travel or do some outdoor activities.

This kit from Amazon contains four cake-shaped contact lens cases, tweezers, stick and solution bottle, which are all the essential things that girls with lenses need.

4 PCS Cake Cream Contact Lens Case - gift ideas for women

21.      Custom Monogram Keychains – Super Cool Gifts for Women ($11.49 on Etsy)

Keychains can be cool gifts for women, which is why we’re suggesting this Custom Monogram keychain available on Etsy.

You can choose among twenty floral patterns, fifteen font options, fifteen tassel colors, and you can put any letter on it. The gift is convenient for almost every occasion and women of all ages.

Custom Monogram Keychains – Super Cool Gifts for Women

22.      What to Expect Gift Set – Excellent Gift Ideas for Moms to Be ($18.74 on Amazon)

If your best friend is expecting a baby, you can give her this ultimate pregnancy book called What to Expect When You’re Expecting, which reveals the essential things any woman should know about pregnancy and baby’s first year.

It can be an excellent gift for baby showers and a mom to be will be happy to learn important facts about what to expect and how to deal with parenthood. This package also includes another book from the same author, which is What to Expect: The First Year.

What to Expect Gift Set

Verdict – Tastes Differ

When thinking about the best gifts for women, many people assume that all of them love pink and fluffy stuff, which is, in most cases, wrong.

Before buying something that you assume your girlfriend or best friend would love, make sure you get to know their taste and preferences, and then start your shopping. By making an effort to find out what the ideal gift for a woman would be, you show that you care about someone and that you really want to make her smile.