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Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree: 8 Top Picks in 2022 for Our Beloved Mischievous Friends

In their natural environment, that is, outside, cats climb trees to see better the space surrounding them from a height. They also climb to hide from potential danger while hunting for their prey. Also, domestic cats need to climb, and cat trees (towers, poles or even climbers) are the right way to provide that.

When choosing a climber for your fur buddy, keep in mind that these must be climbers with solid surfaces and easy access from one level to another. Small distances between levels make it easier to climb up and down, while larger areas provide cats with a place to relax – like stretching on a tree branch. All horizontal surfaces should have material that is not slippery. When your cat encounters a period of hyperactive madness, everyone around is safe, including her.

You need to be aware that cats naturally scratch their environment to mark their territory with a visual mark of a claw and a smell that comes from the secretion of glands on the paws. At the same time, the claws are stretched fairly. Cat climbers need to have solid vertical surfaces for scratching because you certainly don’t want your furniture to be destroyed.

In the wild, when cats want a little more privacy, they hide in the leaves of trees so that they do not feel completely exposed. Cats truly love “hidden” spaces, such as boxes with circular openings. If you don’t have something like that at your home, your beloved buddy will hide under blankets, tables, chairs, or on the window, behind the curtain (as our writer’s cat hides whenever someone ”new” enters the apartment).

Many poles have cat toys integrated into the design of the climber. This will make your feline use the tower while having fun. Kittens and older energetic cats will run around the tree attacking the toys. In contrast, the lazy ones will “attack” the prey only after they are comfortably settled.

So, the cat tower should satisfy your kitten’s natural need to climb, scratch and hide. Today, you can choose between completely different models and variations in online shopping.

Our text will focus on floor-to-ceiling cat trees to please your cats as much as possible and make the right experience to feel like they are outside on a tree. We have selected a couple of the best that you can immediately buy on Amazon and make your four-legged companion happy. Also, we’ll provide a buyer’s guide to help you decide which floor-to-ceiling cat pole to buy.

How to Choose a Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree?

Though you choose this tree primarily for your cat, you should be aware that it needs to fit in your living space, which means it must fit into your existing decor. Before making the purchase, keep the following points in mind:


A floor-to-ceiling cat tree with extendable height is more of a “nice to have” than a necessity. Still, it’s a quick and easy method to ensure that your pet will have enough height to maintain its activity level and enjoy its new cat tree.


Usually, the surfaces of climbers are covered with carpet, which suits cats in principle. Still, they can be difficult to maintain and may not be what you want. Many alternatives are made of easy-to-clean materials with a sleek and modern look. Look for poles with surfaces made of painted or varnished wood that are easy to wipe. Instead of being completely covered with carpet, the surfaces on these climbers often have certain parts with self-adhesive pads that are easy to remove and maintain.

Extra Pleasure

You can keep your pet active by providing amenities like sisal walls and poles, perches, cubbies, and toys. Your cat will enjoy viewing the world outside if you set its tree near a window.


The cat tree should be made from durable materials with some skid-proof fabrics, whether the game is “race,” “hide,” or “climb”. Naturally-sourced sisal, for example, keeps your cats’ claws short while also providing a non-slip surface. The added weight of natural wood makes most cat trees more secure and stable, even if it is a little heavy. Furthermore, MDF or particle-board is easy to clean up messes and spills. At the same time, plush lining provides a comfortable resting area.


Cat trees can be composed of concave surfaces or closed spaces, while you will most often come across a combination of both. You can estimate why your cat has more inclinations based on observations of where he likes to spend time. If your cat likes to spread out on the table or in the middle of the room, you might prefer a climber with curved surfaces. If it is hidden under tables, chairs or in other small spaces, you may want to consider a climber with a built-in enclosure.


The size of the cat tree will depend on how much space you have and the budget. Climbers for cats can be composed of simple low platforms to complex towers on several levels with all the fancy decorations and accessories. Consider a larger climber if you have more than one cat. Think about ones with shorter distances between levels with older cats or those who struggle to move.

Stability and durability

Cats on cylindrical cat trees can cause an effect like the Tower of Pisa when they speed up. In most cases, a wide, heavy base is sufficient for a tree to endure a long time.


Cat trees that are floor-to-ceiling are normally more expensive, so choose one that fits within your budget.

Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tree Models for This Year

1.      Furhaven Tiger Tough Interactive Cat Tree Tower

Furhaven Tiger Tough Interactive Cat Tree Tower

Furhaven’s adjustable cat tree raises the bar when it comes to playtime. The bottom base is large and stable, and the top spring brace is adjustable to fit ceiling heights up to 10-feet-6-inches, making it secure and stable. All four fun levels mean more space for you – and more fun for your four-legged pal.

Your cat’s natural curiosity is piqued with an inclined cat ladder at the base. Three levels of climbing and exploration await your adventurous feline. In addition to providing a luxurious surface for both sleeping and playing, this bunk bed is lined with faux fur plush. Your pet can rest, relax, and experience life at the top after each platform brings them closer to the soft, snuggly hammock-like perch at the top.

With a soft spring-wand toy, you can beat the ball for hours. While your furniture remains damage-free, the sisal-covered pole encourages scratching and claw sharpening. As well as being durable and biodegradable, sisal is also good for the environment while being long-lasting.

Although the platforms are narrow for big-boned furry friends, this tree would suit smaller to medium cats. The long, lean cat tree comes in three neutral colors – cream, brown, and gray. With the Tiger Tough cat tree, your fur family can make an outline post, do feline gymnastics and aerobics, or climb the highest peak in the home.

It is one of our top recommendations with a contemporary look and a safe and stable design. Plus, it is not too expensive!

About product:

  • Brand: Furhaven
  • Color: Skyscraper Playground (Gray)
  • Dimensions: 26.8 x 17.3 x 100 inches
  • Material: Polyester, Sisal
  • Price: $$

+ Affordable, Adjustable, Durable, Large base, Modern, Safe, Stable, Simple

No extra realia, A single sisal-wrapped area near the bottom

2.      Roypet Upgraded Tall Cat Climbing Tree

Roypet Upgraded Tall Cat Climbing Tree

The cat tree from Roypet has an adjustable ceiling height range of 90″ to 116″. Keeping the structure from falling is difficult when it is high, so they include tools and wall brackets as part of the packaging. Many newer packages include adhesive fixing devices, so those who live in rental apartments or do not want to drill into their walls can use them. The manufacturer even recommends placing it against a wall for safety and stability.

It is covered in high-quality faux fur with a central scratching post made of sisal and a set of dangling ball toys to stimulate and entertain your cat. In addition to the wide hammock near the top of the structure, Roypet offers several additional platforms to accommodate multiple pets or increase activity for one kitty. In our opinion, a large fur family would find this cat tree to be more than adequate with its four platforms and two hammocks.

There is no tension spring on the extendable post, so it will not press against the ceiling, which is why owners of this model strongly suggest using the wall attachments. It should also be placed against a wall to ensure security. Upon proper attachment, this stylish cat tree will delight your curious mountaineers for some time.

About product:

  • Brand: Roypet
  • Color: Grey
  • Dimensions: 18.75 x 12.25 x 11.5 inches
  • Material: Engineered Wood, Faux Fur, Wood, Sisal
  • Price: $

+ Affordable, Adhesive wall fixtures, Built-in, Ample sisal rope, Soft, Plush, Relaxing hammocks

Must be supported by a wall, Small base for the height and weight

3.      PawHut Multi-Level Luxurious Cat Tree Condo Tower

PawHut Multi-Level Luxurious Cat Tree Condo Tower

With five spacious and comfortable platforms, your kitties will be able to sit on them and enjoy watching the world go by while also having a hideaway cabin with plenty of places for them to curl up. Also, several cats can have a rest and jump at the same time in the condo.

PawHut cat tree floor-to-ceiling tower features a well-balanced design, a strong base, and a super-solid construction, allowing cats to leap on and off this condo easily. The whole cat tower is environmentally friendly wood, particleboard, and P2 grade particleboard.

Additionally, this cat condo is a great resting place for your furry friend because of the soft, plush fabric and the removable cushion inside. Your cat is sure to be comfortable.

A natural sisal rope is wrapped around the scratching posts on this feline tree to keep your cats sharpening their claws and saving your furniture from scratching and digging.

About product:

  • Brand: PawHut
  • Color: Natural
  • Dimensions: 26.5 x 17.75 x 57.5 inches
  • Material: Plush, Wood, Pine, Sisal, Fabric
  • Price: $$

+ Environment-friendly, Anti-dumping accessories, Removable cushion, Stable, Luxurious look, Wood construction, Plush, Multi-layer board


4.      PEQULTI Floor to Ceiling Cat Tower with Scratching Posts, Cozy Condo, Perches, and Large Hammock

PEQULTI Floor to Ceiling Cat Tower with Scratching Posts, Cozy Condo, Perches, and Large Hammock

Your four-legged mate can find its own exclusive space in this incredible floor-to-ceiling cat tree, Amazon’s Top Choice. This tower includes everything a cat could ever want – a cradle, hammock, or perches to rest on.

It features 9 sisals wrapped scratching poles and 2 fuzzy pom-poms and is the perfect floor-to-ceiling cat tree for large cats since it has an all-in-one activity center that meets their needs.

The base of the PEQUILTI floor-to-ceiling cat climber is shaped like a fan, and the posts are placed in a triangular shape for greater balance and stability. Best of all, you won’t need a lot of space in your home to accommodate it.

Your cat can do claw exercises wherever and whenever it chooses using sisal-covered scratching posts. In addition, it prevents your furniture from getting scratched while preserving its instincts to the maximum.

There is no doubt that this cat tower is extremely easy to install because it comes with illustrated instructions and the necessary hardware.

In addition, all parts except the dangling ball are replaceable within one year and free of charge.

About product:

  • Brand: PEQUILTI
  • Color: Gray
  • Dimensions: 25 x 20 x 12 inches
  • Material: Polyester, Plush, Sisal
  • Price: $$

+ Safe, Stable, Sturdy, Perfect for big cats, Easy to assemble, Plush

Pricey, Hammocks are not extremely big

5.      Downtown Pet Supply Deluxe Interactive Cat Scratching Sisal Posts Tree

Downtown Pet Supply Deluxe Interactive Cat Scratching Sisal Posts Tree

Downtown Pet Supply’s cat pole is a perfect option if you want something that resembles a tree branch in the jungle. A soft, green grass-like material covers the perches, decorated with leaves that wrap around each post until they reach the top of each post. Your cat will love it, and it will complement any home.

It is 93-97.5″ inches tall and has enough space for four separate ledges. Also, it allows your cat to relax at whichever height it prefers and can climb up the entire tree.

This floor-to-ceiling cat pole secures your ceiling with a spring-powered pressure mechanism that ensures its stability without causing any damage to your home. It also has a tightly woven sisal wrapped around the tree between each ledge. This sisal stimulates your feline’s instincts and encourages them to use their claws to climb, scratch, and play.

Due to the no-damage securing mechanism and the ease of assembly, you can place this tall activity tree almost anywhere because it doesn’t take much space.

Please keep in mind that it isn’t a good fit for large cats.

About product:

  • Brand: Downtown Pet Supply
  • Color: Green
  • Dimensions: 8 x 14 x 97.5 inches
  • Material: Sisal
  • Price: $

+ Affordable, Durable, Spring-powered mechanism, Sturdy, Easy to assemble, Resembles a real tree trunk

Not for big cats, Not enough weight on the base, Easily detached “leaves”

6.      Armarkat Cat Tree Model

Armarkat Cat Tree Model

Armarkat is a trusted USA-made brand. Their cat trees are high, and there are two dimensions to this cat tree tower, so you can choose which you prefer. Although it doesn’t technically attach to the ceiling, these two cat castles offer a lot of height. A variety of platforms and perches are available for jumping, climbing, or using ladders.

With a minimum weight of 60 pounds, both trees are sturdy and allow big, athletic cats to leap and scamper up easily. The square base ensures stability. You can even put multiple cats on the trees since they can hold 70-80 pounds each! The posts are encased in sisal rope for convenient scratching from any angle.

All the wood is nice, and the hardware is steel, not plastic, so you will feel the premium feel right away.

On top of all, you have a 6-month warranty on defective parts.

About product:

  • Brand: Armarkat
  • Color: Alabaster
  • Dimensions: 32 x 27 x 78 inches and 40 x 33 x 80 inches
  • Material: Plush, Sisal rope
  • Price: $$

+ Soft, Sturdy, Plush, Replacement parts, Two height options, Tons of sisal rope, Trusted brand

Pricey, Needs added stability

7.      CatastrophiCreations Climb – Multiple Level Cat Track and Hammock

CatastrophiCreations Climb – Multiple Level Cat Track and Hammock

This cat climbing pole floor-to-ceiling structure is completely modular, so you can easily start at floor level and extend it to your ceiling! Your cat will be able to show off its acrobatic skills with this great play structure that truly looks like some cat ceiling furniture.

CatastrophiCreations Climb is made of quality material and consists of a large hammock for lounging and a smaller one. There is no need to worry about your ceiling being too low or too high because this is tension mounted cat pole. Handcrafted and hand-made, the tension-mounted cat features a large, sleek design, which can be easily removed and washed. Additionally, the stained wood pieces are available in three colors.

This is the best choice if you would like something that can easily go from floor to ceiling without having to attach to either.

Although it is a bit pricey, especially if you add other pieces, it is well worth the money.

About product:

  • Brand: CatastrophiCreations
  • Color: English Chestnut/Natural
  • Dimensions: 56 x 11 x 69 inches
  • Material: Nickel
  • Price: $$$

+ Sturdy, Easy to assemble, High-quality material, Removable and washable fabrics, Worth its price

Expensive, Not big enough for a large cat, Needs to be wall mounted

8.      PawHut 108″ Floor-to-Ceiling Adjustable Climbing Cat Tree Tower

PawHut 108 Floor-to-Ceiling Adjustable Climbing Cat Tree Tower

The modern structure is made of sturdy steel tubing and braces against the wall with spring-loaded brackets. Customers have marveled at the robustness of this cat tree, which is both wide and tall. There’s no end to the configurations. You can allow your pets to enjoy a new adventure every day with four faux fur-covered movable platforms and a plush hammock.

This tower can be adjusted from 89″ to 114.75″, and you can move it from room to room, making it a handy and versatile option for most living areas. The hammock features multiple perches, so you won’t have to fight for the top spot. In addition, Paw Hut’s cat tower has platforms that can hold 11 pounds each!

The activity center has plenty of space for cats to play, even though we wish there were sisal fabric to ensure good claw health.

The PawHut staggered cat tree is a strong, customizable, safe place to keep your cat active while keeping your furniture safe.

About product:

  • Brand: PawHut
  • Color: Multicolored
  • Dimensions: 46 x 27 x 5 inches
  • Material: Plush
  • Price: $$$

+ Easy to assemble, Plush, Sturdy, Hammocks and platforms can be arranged in various ways; Steel tube braces with spring tension, Worth its price

Expensive, Platforms might be small, Without sisal scratching surface


With all these choices we provided you with, it may seem to you that finding the best floor-to-ceiling cat tree is not an easy task, but no one knows your pal better than you. Take some time to observe it, remember where it likes to play and scratch, and then decide. Try to balance your and your cat’s needs so that both of you can enjoy the new toy!

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