Bullet Bra from 1940 to 2022 (+ Best 5 Bullet Bra Models)

If you have never heard of bullet bra before, you must be wondering what that can be. Among the variety of different bra types, a bullet bra is considered the most controversial one – why?

A bullet bra covers entire breasts but does it more provocatively. Namely, its cups are cone-shaped, which gives your boobs quite sharp and pointy look. It was popular during the 1940s and 1950s, but it’s also present nowadays, and more and more lingerie companies tend to create such models.

This article will lead you through the most important ideas about bullet bra, and it will present you its historical background, which is quite impressive.

What is a Bullet Bra?

A bullet bra is a specially designed bra that is used to make your breasts at least a cup larger, giving you pointy and perky shape. The difference between this bra and other bra types lies in the seam that spirals out from the center, or multiple rings that gradually increase the size.

There are five different types of bullet bra – even though they look almost the same, there are some crucial distinctions between them.
  • Cone bra: Unlike a classic bullet bra, a conical bra is unpadded, and it’s suitable for women who want to achieve a soft, feminine silhouette and a subtle, conical shape.
  • Torpedo bra: Torpedo bra uses spiral stitching to provide your breasts with pointed shape. Unlike a cone bra, it's got a much more defines finish, which is why it is mostly used by women who want to enhance their breast size.
  • Overwire bra: As its name indicates, overwire bra consists of the wire found around the top of the bust. It's got a soft, sculpted cup, and, although it's strapless, it provides decent support. That being said, an overwire bra is suitable for strapless gowns and tops, and it will give you a classy, vintage look.
  • The uplift bullet bra: This bra type can be observed as an overwire bra, but the only difference would be the wire, which is not found on the uplift model. It's got spiral stitching, and you can detach the straps from it.
  • Bullet bra pads: Apart from different bullet bra types, you can also find bra pads that can work perfectly in case your bullet bra doesn't provide you with the desired look – they can easily fit into your bra and enhance your bust immediately.

How Should a Bullet Bra Fit?

Due to bullet bra’s specific design, and no-stretch materials, it’s crucial to find one that will fit you perfectly. Otherwise, you won't achieve the look that such bra provides typically.

The problems may arise when your breast is too firm or too round to fit the conical cups – that way, instead of pointy shape, your bust may look wrinkled, and that’s not something the girls want.

Luckily, you can use bullet bra pads which you can put inside the bra to make sure that your breasts will look fantastic and perfectly placed. Still, don’t forget to take the right measurement of your bust since it can significantly help you find a perfect model.

Here are there tips on how to make a bullet bra fit you perfectly:

  • Make sure the bra band runs straight across your under bust
  • Adjust the bra straps so that they make the bra fit better
  • Wriggle and make sure everything is in its place

What is a Bullet Bra History Background?

When it comes to a bullet bra, many fashionistas believe that it marked the historical period between the 1940s and 1950s.

Although at that time a bra didn’t have a lot to do with fashion, the icons from the world of movie and music made this undergarment an inevitable element of high-couture standards.

A bullet bra was mostly worn by Marilyn Monroe, Patty Page, and Madonna, who were considered America’s “Sweater Girls” because their style was about wearing bullet bras and tight sweaters which would emphasize their bust.

This trend spread quickly, and soon it became popular among the Hollywood stars. The reason was the ability to increase the breast size and provide intriguing look without much effort – still, such style’s popularity was ephemeral.
In the 1960s, due to the wave of new feminist philosophy, a bra started to be perceived as the sexist tool, which was imposed on women. Accordingly, they decided to get rid of the bras and initiated a new, braless style. Besides, the bras that were designed at that time were softly-cupped and lightweight, and they weren’t used to emphasize the bust size and shape.

A bullet bra reappeared in 1990 when Madonna wore Jean Paul Gaultier's model on one of her tours – this comeback caused a new interest and controversy, and it was a beginning of the new era for a bullet bra.

In 1999s, a vintage lingerie company called What Katie Did started a new collection of bullet bras, which fostered other companies to come up with different, modern designs of pointy bras that will achieve significant success.

Today, a bullet bra represents a popular undergarment that comes in various styles and sizes – still, despite its “modernized” design, it keeps bringing vintage spirit to the contemporary era, and that’s where its omnipresence lies.

What are the Best Models of Bullet Bras?

Finding an authentic and vintage bullet bra can be such a challenging activity. Many original pointy bras from the past century might not be in good condition, and the size might not be the one that fits you.

Still, today, many lingerie companies produce bullet bras that provide perky bust and provocative shape, even though they are modernly designed. In continuation, you'll see the five most prominent models of bullet bra that reflect the vintage and modern look, and you can buy them both online and in-store.

1. Vintage White Exquisite Form Bullet Bra

This vintage bullet bra is wire-free, it comes in white color, and 38DD cup size. It’s got circular stitching around the bottom of the cups, adjustable straps, and it gives your breasts conical shape and mid-century spirit.

This bra can be nicely paired with high waist panties and thigh-high stocking, which will give you an excellent silhouette and a pin-up girl style.

It’s quite sexy and classy bullet bra solution, and if you find the cup too big, you can always go for bra pads that can fill in.

2. Bettie Page Dark Red Retro Futuristic Bullet Bra

If you are looking for a more contemporary version of a pointy bra than this model can be the right choice for you. It represents the reinvented design for the modern pin-up girls that want to achieve a sexy, sophisticated, and futuristic look.

This modern bullet bra is padded, it comes in all sizes, and its red color brings a dose of elegance and sexiness. Playful Promises is known for its tendency to mix vintage and modern style, and its exclusive Betty Collection Bullet Bra is the one that brings back retro fashion.

3. Lulu Noir Bullet Bra

We’ve already mentioned What Katie Did as the founder of the first contemporary bullet bra company – accordingly, we must present one of its models.

Lulu Noir bullet bra is proof that the pointy bra can be made of lace as well. This model’s got a soft cup and authentic black spiral stitching that provide a pointy look, and black rose lace and vibrant red bows found between cups and straps make this bra look classy and luxurious.

4. Pink Bullet Bra in Cotton Candy & Mermaid Deco Stitching

If you like bullet bra style, but you don’t want your breasts to look too perky, this Vintage Peach Bullet Bra from Amazon might be the right one.

It's got an interesting mermaid décor on the cups, and the good thing about it is that it provides a subtle conical look and soft silhouette to your bust. It comes in almost all sizes, but if you don't fit in any of them, you can contact the seller and ask to make you the bra according to your measurements.

5. Bullet Bra Maitresse Curve

And what about the plus-size ladies that want to make their bust even more enhanced? There is a solution for them as well, and it lies in the Bullet Bra Maitresse Curve provided by What Katie Did.

Since this bra is made for larger cups, they go from D to F, and if you’re not sure which size is the right for you, you can contact the company and consult the expert about it. This bra will provide your bust with full coverage, significant silhouette, and it will achieve the look of cone boobs.

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