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Ultimate Guide to Bra Extender and Best Picks to Buy in 2022

Bras are perceived both as women’s best friends and the women’s worst enemies – why is that? A female body is prone to constant changes, and when it comes to that, the bras we used to wear are not suitable anymore.

Even though they might have taken a right measurement of their breast size, most women just don’t fit in the standard bra sizes which are available on the market – and that’s another problem women are facing every day.

Luckily, contemporary lifestyle brings us small, but useful items which can save our lives when it comes to solving everyday problems. One of that “inventions” is a bra extender, which comes in handy whenever our body goes through a change, or when it’s time to “revive” the old bras which can still serve their purpose.

Well, it’s time to meet bra extensions, their use, types, and more exciting stuff you didn’t know about this great product. Let’s get started!

What is a Bra Extender?

A bra extender is practically a piece of the elastic material with a couple of metal hooks sewn into it. And it’s quite simple to attach it to your bra – you should put the extender between the hook and the eyelet of the back band, and it will add some extra 1-3 inches to your bra closure. In that way, you’ll feel more relaxed, and the bra will become more comfortable.

What are Bra Extensions Used for?

Bra extender can be used for various purposes, and it can make you feel more relieved and more comfortable in your skin. Let’s see the most common situations when bra hook extender can be a real lifesaver:

  • Pregnancy – pregnancy is one of the most significant periods in a woman’s life. That’s a moment when everything changes, from the state of mind to physical transformation which can be tough to handle. Since most women gain some weight and become more sensitive during pregnancy, it’s normal that their bras are not suitable anymore – however, bra extender can save money and nerves by bringing a dose of relief.
  • Gaining weight – this is another factor which influences the breast size; when you gain weight for some reason, the old bra might not be that functional. So, why don’t you try attaching a bra back extender? The extra length it gives you will prevent the band from making a side fat, and you’ll feel more comfortable and confident wearing it.
  • Retained fluid in your body – during premenstrual symptoms, most women deal with the problem of fluid retention, which usually causes swelling. That lasts for 2 or 3 days, but it can be quite bothering, and bra extender can help a lot during that period.
  • Your bras get shrunk – if you tend to dry your bras in a drier, there is a chance that they become smaller. Bra extenders can save them in that case, and you won’t need to buy new ones.
  • The bra band is too small – it’s not rare to find a bra whose cups fit you perfectly, while the back band is too small. Instead of throwing it, buy an extender, and enjoy your new undergarment.

What are the Types of Bra Extensions?

There are many types of bra extensions you can choose – they come in different colors and number of hooks, and they are quite affordable. However, when buying them, make sure you chose one that matches the bra you want to wear it – for example, if your bra has three hooks, purchase the same extender.

Let’s see the most common bra extender types:

Bra Extender 2 Hook

You must admit that bras with two hooks are the most popular among women. The band is thinner, it matches more outfits, and the best of all is that you can hook it without watching! However, it can cause discomfort sometimes, but it can be fixed, as always – have a look at this bra extender with two hooks:

WingsLove Lady’s Bra Extender

Bra extender 2 hooks

WingsLove Lady’s Bra Extender is a top-notch bra extender with two hooks that helps you overcome the problems with spillage and discomfort caused by your regular bra. These extenders are made of soft velvet, and they won’t leave any tracks or irritate your sensitive skin.

PROS// It can extend your band length to up to 2 inches; Easy to attach; 3pcs in white, beige, and black colors; Suitable for pregnancy, maternity, and weight gain.

CONS// Too narrow.

Bra Extender 3 Hook

Bra closures with three hooks usually bring more stability and sexiness to any bra. So, if you want to extend the back band of your three-hooked bra, have a look at this extension:

SAMGU Women’s Bra Extenders

bra extender 3 hook

SAMGU Women’s Bra Extenders are the best-quality 3 hook-extenders that enhance the bra’s overall comfort and breathability. It can significantly increase the band range of your bras, making them suitable for pregnancy or weight gain. It is available in black, white, and skin color.

PROS// 3pcs adjustable bra extenders; Comfortable; Won’t shrink after washing; Stretchy.

CONS// It can be overly stretchy.

Bra Extender 4 Hook

Nowadays, a market is full of different bra models and styles which come with four hooks – even though they give you a dose of elegance and sophistication, the bands on those bras are usually short which makes them uncomfortable. But, here comes the solution:

YARBAR 4 Hook Women’s Bra Extenders

bra extender 4 hook

YARBAR 4 Hook Women’s Bra Extenders fit most 4-hook bras and are an excellent way to make your undergarment more comfortable. This item is an incredible addition to plus-size bras, sports bras, and other 4- or 5-hooked pieces that need a dose of stretch.

PROS// Suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding; Excellent value for money; Suitable for plus-size bras; Comfortable.

CONS// May shrink after washing.

Bra Strap Extender

How many times did the bra spoil your amazing backless dress? A lot of times, for sure. If you still don’t see sticky bra as a reliable one, there is another solution for you as well – a bra strap extender.

Bra strap extender comes in handy whenever you need to adjust your bra straps so that they match your low tops and backless summer dresses. Nowadays, you can find them in many different colors, sizes, and width and they’re available both in stores and online shops. Also, they’re quite affordable and easy to use.

Follow these 3 steps to put low back bra extender to your bra correctly:

  • Step 1: Attach the hook end of the strap to the eye closures of your bra.
  • Step 2: Wrap the belt around your waist in a crisscross mode.
  • Step 3: Adjust the length the way it fits you and attach the hooks of your bra to the eyes of the straps.

As you can see, it doesn’t require much time and effort, but it is a quite useful and life-saving item. Let’s have a look at one model of bra strap extender which will give you a better picture of it.

Lady Up Low Back Bra Converter

Lady Up Adjustable Low Back Bra Extender

If the visible straps on your backless dress or top keep spoiling your overall look, try the Lady Up Low Back Bra Converter. You can attach it to your bra, adjust it to fit your size, and wear your best outfit with confidence.

PROS// Hook and eye closure; Skin-friendly; Use it to convert your regular bra into a low back bra; Highly adjustable.

CONS// Not suitable for plus-size bras.

However, if you’re dealing with the problem of the short straps that keep digging into your shoulders or those which are constantly falling off, there’s a solution for that as well. Short straps can be quite annoying, and no matter how much you’re trying to adjust them, they are causing discomfort.

Instead of buying a new bra with longer straps, why don’t your try bra shoulder strap extender? It’s a cheaper and more practical solution since you can attach it to any bra with removable straps and make it look like new.

Have a look at these:

DoHope Shoulder Bra Straps Replacement

DoHope Shoulder Bra Straps Replacement

DoHope Shoulder Bra Straps Replacement is a handy item you can adjust to fit your size the best. Besides, this strap extender is incredibly elastic, allowing you to wear it in different ways – cross back, regular, etc. This can help you save money on buying a new bra whose straps don’t suit you.

PROS// Fully adjustable length; Use on any bra with removable straps; Durable and hypoallergenic; Wear it in multiway.

CONS// It could be a bit longer.

To conclude, a bra extender is an object which should have been invented a long ago, since it saves both nerves and money. You can find it in any store, and you can combine it with any bra because of different colors and variety of hooks it comes in. Overall, a bra extender opens the door of comfort and flexibility, and it makes your undergarments last longer!

DIY Bra Extender

If you want to save extra money and express your creativity and sewing skills, there is an activity that can help you do both – ‘do it yourself’ bra extender. You won’t need a lot of materials, but old bras you’re not wearing anymore, scissors, a string, and a needle – and you’ll have a bra extension fast and for free!

Here are 3 simple steps you need to follow to make an excellent bra hook extender yourself:

  • Step 1: Once you’ve found your old bra, use scissors to remove the hooks and the eye closure from it.
  • Step 2: Open up the hook side and put the eye part inside of it. Double check if it’s going to fit with the bra you want to use the extender with.
  • Step 3: Sew the hook side and the eye closure using either a sewing machine or string and needle – and good job! You’ve just made a bra extension!

If you prefer visual tutorials, have a look at this video that shows you how to make a bra extender easily and quickly.

Drawbacks of Wearing Bra Extenders

Believe it or not, there are cons of using this essential item. If you wear it very often, it can affect your bra’s fit and durability due to pulling on the band and the straps. So, it’s recommended to wear it when necessary, especially on expensive bras because you don’t want them to lose their flexibility too soon.

Again, everything lies in correct measurement; if you’re not sure how to measure your bra size, have a look at this simple cup size measurement guide!