The 10 Best Workout Clothes for Women for 2022

It is known that fashionable and pretty clothes can make a woman feel motivated and ready to give her best, no matter if it's about a job interview, an elegant cocktail party or a workout.

In the last couple of years, workout clothes industry developed a lot of different models and styles suitable for every gym activity, and unlike traditional workout apparel that didn’t use to be so stylish, nowadays, every design that comes to your mind can be found in the store.

The most important feature of workout clothing is the material it’s made of, and even though you might’ve found the most fashionable garment, you won’t be able to complete your training unless your clothes are breathable and comfortable.

That said, this article will present you the 11 best women's workout clothes that are both stylish and high-quality.

1. Plank 2-Piece Outfit – Practice Sun Salutations

The best outfit for yoga includes tight leggings and a tank top that allow you to move seamlessly from one position to another. Accordingly, this Plank 2-Piece Outfit will be the perfect choice for any yogini who wants to be stylish during the practice.

This workout gear for women includes colorful leggings that come in three styles and a tank top that comes in two colors, dusty rose and white, and it comes in all sizes, from the smallest one to the largest one.

The store also offers a 45-day workout guarantee, which means that you can get a full refund in case the outfit doesn’t fit you.

2. Women’s Plus Size Long Line Crop Bra – Accentuate Your Curves

If you are looking for the best workout clothes for women plus size, this fantastic sports bra is can perfectly complete your outfit.

It comes in two colors, black and blue, and since it’s designed especially for plus size women, it comes only in sizes from 1X to 4X. It will provide you with extra coverage and support since it’s about a high-neck sports bra, and its longline silhouette makes it excellent to be worn on its own or layered underneath tops.

Still, since it’s wireless and has no cups, it might not be the right choice for women with larger chest since it won’t provide enough support during more demanding workouts.

3. Mint Lilac Women’s High Waist Workout Shorts – Be Cute

Nothing is entirely black or white, and neither your exercise clothes need to be like that. Hence, this model offered by Mint Lilac, one of the most prominent Amazon shops, comes in multiple colorful styles that will bring joy to your daily dose of exercise.

This pair of shorts is made of stretchy and non-see-through materials, and it can accommodate most body shapes. It’s soft, moisture-wicking and comfortable, which are the features that make it convenient for every activity, no matter if it’s done outside or indoors.

So, this could be one of the best examples of cute workout clothes for women that can enhance your usual gym style – don’t miss the opportunity to bring some flowers to these gray, fall days.

4. Juniors’ Cropped Tank Top – Save Money & Get In Shape

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on workout clothes right now, here comes the right solution for you.

Junior’s Cropped Tank Top is made of light and breathable materials that provide your body with freshness and make it stay cool during intensive exercises. It comes in various colors and styles, and it goes perfectly with high-waisted leggings.

This particular garment is proof that there are cheap workout clothes for women that come in all sizes, styles and colors, and that are suitable for all kinds of activities.

5. Alloy Ombre High Waisted Midi Legging – Get Sparkly

If you are not into ordinary, whole-colored garments, then you need stylish workout clothes for women that will combine with your joyful personality.

These leggings offered by Beyond Yoga will provide you with metallic and sparkly appearance, you can combine them with an adequate yoga bra and baggy jacket for the true athleisure look.

They are made of high-quality materials enhanced with luxurious elements that give this garment a futuristic and space look.

6. Iconic Sports Bra – Reveal Your Sexiness

When you feel sexy and confident in your skin, any workout can be a piece of cake.If you are not afraid of leaving your comfort zone and revealing your sexiness, then you should check out the Iconic Sports Bra offered by Bombshell Sportswear.

It’s made of soft, comfortable and breathable materials, and the mesh neckline will allow your skin to breathe during the workout. It comes in three colors that won’t fade after the bra’s been washed, and the sizes go from XS to L.

So, if you want to try some sexy workout clothes for women, this model could be the right choice since it will provide you with both an amazing look and a significant dose of comfort.

7. Savage AF Women’s Tank Top – Keep Cool

It’s essential to keep being funny even in the most challenging times (powerlifting, for example), and that’s why you should wear some cool workout clothes for women!

This racerback tank top designed by Ministry of Sweat will make you look fabulous even during the most intensive workout. It’s made of soft, comfortable and lightweight materials and you won’t feel it on your skin.

It comes in sizes from XS to XL, and it fits perfectly on many body types. It’s a bit longer than a regular tank top, but it won’t stop you from combining it with other garments, such as hoodie, leggings, shorts or workout pants.

8. Women’s Bennu EVODry Anorak – Don’t Let the Rain Ruin Your Day

Rainy days shouldn’t prevent you from accomplishing your goals. Instead of skipping your daily exercise, consider finding a perfect outfit that will facilitate your outdoor activities, no matter if it’s about running, jogging or even hiking.

This waterproof anorak will keep you dry, and you’ll feel comfortable due to the breathable and lightweight fabrics this jacket is made of. It’s quite suitable for outdoor activities during rainy or windy days, and you can wear it as you go to the gym.

9. Serene Stride Dress – Bring Some Breeziness to Your Fitness Wear

Who says that a little black dress can’t be worn during gym and fitness activities?

Serene Stride Dress is specially designed for workouts and sports activities, no matter if they are done inside the gym or outdoors. It’s made of moisture-wicking and high-quality materials that won’t shrink, and besides, it looks quite elegant on everyone.

So, check out this fabulous garment if you are looking for a perfect women’s fitness wear that will make you feel comfortable, confident and feminine!

10. Adidas Pureboost Trainer Shoes – Complete Your Workout Apparel

Women’s workout clothing needs to be completed with high-quality and comfortable shoes that will allow seamless moves. This Adidas's model has a pretty and modern design, and it will provide you with a lot of comfort, which is the most crucial feature when it comes to workout garments. These trainer shoes are made of breathable materials, a strap at the ankle gives you extra support, and responsive cushioning provides easy returns with every stride. That said, they are quite suitable for running, cross-training and any other activity.

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