10 Best Women’s Backpack for Work: Reach the Style & Keep Organized

Women’s professional backpack became a great companion on a commute to the office. No matter what stage in your career you are already, heading to the workplace can be much more effortless when you bring everything you need on your back and have free hands. Nowadays, there is a bunch of great possibilities in stores specially designed for women’s specific needs.

It means you can find a sophisticated, modern garment that doesn’t make you look like a middle schooler and still serve a purpose. Traveling to and from the office requires having a spacious backpack, and you can choose a chic model that suits every occasion. It can definitely hold more stuff than a shoulder or tote bag, so get the steroid type of school bag and enjoy bringing your essentials!

Short Guide on Choosing Backpack

When it comes to the best women’s backpack for work, we all know it must be as spaciousness as we need to rig all necessities like laptops, notebooks, wallets, mobile phones, working shoes, and miscellany we don’t need, but still keep with us. We shouldn’t forget to look modish wherever we go, including the office, so choose the models that tie your outfits. Here’s a short guide on selecting the adequate backpack model.

  • Spaciousness: consider how roomy it should be. If you are lugging your laptop from home to the workplace, you should go for spacious items with wide hand-holders to pack everything you need and distribute the weight more evenly on your shoulders.
  • Quality: choose quality materials. They would dress up your look, and waterproof backpack is more convenient when it is rainy to keep stuff dry.
  • Colors and design: avoid colorful A simple yet defined backpack compliments your overall look. Pick mature colors like black, brown, tan, and navy – they are sure bets.
  • Weight: look for lightweight. If you bring many things, you wouldn’t like to carry a heavy item that adds weight.
  • Office appropriate: avoid specialty and famous brand It should be office proper and not look like you are ready for an epic hiking trip. Understated brands bring a cleaner and more grown-up look.
  • Structure: choose well-structured garments. The best backpack for work retains the shape even when empty and allows well-organization even full-packed.
  • Fitting: Choose based on your frame. Too small or too big can look unprofessional.
  • Do not set aside its function! Consider it has all of the features you need for daily lugging like a laptop compartment, the section for notebooks, mobile phone and wallet, and shoes.

10 Best Work Backpack for Business Women

Finally, the best women’s backpack should be chosen based on how conventional or casual the dress-code in your office is. If your business environment pretends to be sporty, you can wear more casual gear at the office. If your workplace requires rigid suit manners, a more formal backpack may be a viable option. There are so many available styles so you may have no problem finding one that works for you.

10. Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole


Size: 16.25″ H x 12.5″ L x 6.5″ D.

Computer compartment dimensions: 15.5″ H x 11.5″ L x 1.5″ W

Material: full-grain Columbian leather

Weight: 3.15 Ibs

Classy and sophisticated, this Kenneth Cole backpack is excellent for the stylish on the go experts. Crafted of full-grain Columbian tear-resistant leather, it is made to last and bear a heavy burden. The airflow system keeps freshness even full-packed. Zipper closure enables quickly open-and-close, so you get what you need easily.

Spacious storage comes as a key feature for those who daily bring a lot of things. A small zipper opening elevates the front exterior. It may be the best commuter backpack for women’s needs because it includes an extensive organizer to hold a cluster of business necessities, such as a padded phone pocket and key fob. RFID protection is a major steal! It protects you from credit card and identity theft.

The laptop compartment can hold up to 16″ screens, while the tablet section fits most tablets. You will be grateful for moving through security faster without taking out your devices – it is checkpoint-friendly. A trolley tunnel on the rear fits over most upright trolley handles for hands-free bringing.

Loaded with features, it is the best women’s laptop backpack on our list! You can wear it every day with casual and formal outfits and still look elegant. It is the perfect option for travelers who value both style and function.

9. Bostanten



Size: 15.5″ H x 11″ L x 5.9″ D

Laptop compartment dimensions: holds 15″ laptop

Material: High-quality leather

Weight: 1.02kg

No matter if you are a business lady or just wants to look stylish on the commute, Bostanten created a magical women’s backpack for work enhanced to suit all occasions. Large capacity allows holding many things like mobile devices, earphones, makeups, umbrella, tablets, clothes, books, glasses, tissues, etc. Comfortable shoulder straps make it easier to bear all the weight.

The rear zipper pocket comes as bonus storage when you want to set aside valuable necessities like credit cards, coins, iPhone, and iPad. Premium leather is tear-resistant, so when out of work, choose it as a partner while traveling, hiking, or daily life. Thanks to the waterproof material, it keeps your essentials dry, even on rainy days.

Available colors are beige and black. Choose a brighter color to dress up the sophisticated look or emphasize your elegant look with the black one.

8. Ecosusi Vintage

Ecosusi Vintage


Size: 15.9″ H x 11.6″ L x 4.5″ D

The laptop compartment holds up to 14″ laptops

Material: soft vegan leather

Weight: 1050 g

Ecosusi vintage is perfect for packing your daily necessities like 14″ laptops, files, paper-size documents, all without excess space. Adaptable and detachable straps make it easy to carry and adjust to the body. If you love change, a comfortable top handle converts a backpack into a handbag very quickly.

High-quality PU leather (which doesn’t hurt animals) is enhanced with soft flannelette lining and provides a comfortable touch. Magnetic snap closure enables quickly handling, and high-grade brass hardware offers long-lasting. These fashionable backpacks for work are elevated with a vintage look, so it’s perfect for those who want to unite modern and retro manner.

Combine a dress, hat, and jacket, and tie outfits with these cool backpacks for women! Available colors are black, brown, and bordeaux. Pick your favorite, and enjoy to stay out in a crowd!

7. Ecosusi Convertible

Ecosusi Convertible


Size: 37.5cm H x 28cm L x 12.5cm W

The laptop compartment holds up to 14″ laptops

Material: Vegan leather (PU)

Weight: 920g

Generous with convertible abilities, this outstanding bag can be carried as a backpack, shoulder bag, and handbag. If you use mass transit, you will enjoy taking your necessities on the back and keeping free hands. On the other hand, detach the back straps and carry it as a shoulder bag when going out.

Affordable work backpacks for women are the ideal marriage of fashion and function. Six specialty pockets help you stay organized. It is water and weather resistant.

With a front open pocket for quick access and back hidden zipper pocket for extra security, it provides extra space and keeps your values safe. It fits almost every outfit, so choose the color and carrying method to dress up your combinations. If you are someone who loves alternatives, check out this versatile bag!

6. Cluci



Size: 12.60″ H x 12.20″ L x 5.91″ W

Material: High-quality PU leather

Weight: 1.39 Ibs.

Made of high-quality PU leather, Cluci backpack is convenient for both office work and weekend journeys. The practical structure keeps your daily essentials well organized. Multi-pockets could fit iPad, cell phone, A4 books, umbrella, and other necessities you bring daily.

A removable short shoulder strap converts it from a backpack to a single-shoulder bag. Water-resistant material comes as a key-feature on rainy days. Metal accessories and fabric lining bring a touch of fashion and also provide durability.

Specialized anti-theft design protects your credit cards, cell phones, and other valuable things from stealing. It complements each style of the dress nicely to wear it every day. You can find it in a wide range of colors, so pick the one that ties your cloth combinations and revel in the perfect style!

5. Lapacker

LAPACKER 15.6-17 inch Business Laptop Backpack


Size: 18.8″ H x 12.9″ L x 5.5″ W

The laptop compartment holds 15.6″ laptop

Material: Nylon

Weight: 2.3 Ibs.

If you don’t like having all your items tossed in one compartment , Lapacker women’s backpacks for work are the easiest way to get well-organized. Measuring only 2.3 Ibs, it has many distinct pockets offering plenty of space to pack your essentials. Separated laptop compartment can hold a 15.6″ laptop, MacBook, or ultra-slim 17″ laptop.

If you must bring books, wallets, cosmetics, and lunch beside techniques, the best backpack for women must offer enough space. That is why we recommend Lapacker. You can bring everything you need and still look stylish.

A built-in USB charging port won’t let you suffer when the battery discharges. The included cable makes charging convenient and easy. The airflow backing system provides ventilation and heat elimination.

Thanks to the premium polyester fabric, you can clean it easily and enjoy its features for a long time. It is waterproof, so suitable if you love raincoats instead of umbrellas. Available in purple, it makes even a rainy day brighter!

4. Kroser



Size: 16.9″ H x 11.15″ L x 7.5″ W

The laptop compartment holds up to 15.6″ items

Material: Canvas poly fabric

Weight: 1.82 lbs

Made of environmental-friendly canvas poly fabric, this ultramodern backpack for work is made to last and to keep your things dry even the weather conditions threaten. Affordable yet high-quality, it is an ideal fit for everyday wear. The main compartment with an excellent padded sleeve provides a safe space for your laptop or tablet and offers enough room for your clothes, books, and wallet. The mesh compartment is perfect for storing small items like credit cards, pencils, and keys.

Thanks to the main compartment’s reinforced edges and steel frame, the bag keeps its perfect shape even empty. The durable design bears long-lasting quality so that you will enjoy it for a long. Unique leather handles fit shoulder straps, so match with black shoes and enhance the classy look. Available colors are black (in 2 sizes), camouflage grey, dark blue, grey, and rose pattern.

Don’t worry if your phone battery died – thanks to the built-in USB port, you can charge a cell phone by connecting the power bank. A well-knitted luggage strap comes as a treasure during traveling because it keeps your hands free and makes you feel comfortable. What’s more, it is lightweight and easy to carry. You can enjoy fabulous journeys wearing this backpack!

3. Ecosusi Casual

Ecosusi Casual


Size: 10.6″ H x 9″ L x 3.9″ W

The iPad compartment holds 7.9″ iPads

Material: soft vegan leather

Weight: 770g

If you are looking for a compact, lightweight backpack which can hold your daily necessities, look no further! Ecosusi made a compelling women’s work backpack for professionals who don’t have to lug the laptop to work and back daily. You can enjoy functionality in a compact form elevated with a modern design.

The kiss-lock clasp enables easy, quick access and makes this bag look vintage. High-quality PU leather provides water-resistance and durability, and 5 pockets offer storage for your mobile phones, notebooks, iPad, and snack. Available colors are bordeaux, black, and brown.

If you are looking for something extraordinary, this backpack makes a classy alternative. You can combine it with sneakers for a casual look or a classic suit to stay the ultimate professional.

2. Ytonet



Size: 16″ H x 13″ L x 10″ W

The laptop compartment holds up to 15.6″ laptop

Material: nylon fiber

Weight: 1.82 Ibs.

Ytonet backpack comes with unique features. If safety is what you’re looking for, the RFID security technology got you covered. Explicitly designed to block RFID signals up to 13.56MHz, it protects your credit cards, passport, debit and ATM cards, transit cards, driver’s licenses from an unauthorized scan.

The USB charging port comes as a treasure for the professionals on-the-go. A luggage strap hooks it safely to the luggage upright handle tube, making it easy to carry. It also boasts a waterproof material and steel frame that keeps spotless form no matter how banged it gets in the transport.

If you struggle to keep your miscellany organized, 15 different compartments must solve your problem. A laptop compartment can hold up to 15.6 inches laptops. The main room is convenient for books, light clothes, and other electronics accessories. Additional pockets come as an extra space to store little things like pencils, keys, cell phone, cards, and other random stuff you accumulate in your bag.

Soft padded shoulder straps effectively relieve the pain from your shoulders. It comes in three variants: grey, black, and flower design. If you are looking for something that matches all outfits and makes traveling more comfortable wherever you go, this backpack will be a perfect selection.

1.      B&E Life Fashion

B&E LIFE Fashion Shoulder Bag


Size: 12.2″ H x 10.24″ L x 6.29″ W

Material: Polyester lining

Weight: 2 Ibs.

Do you look for a chic, versatile item you can use every day? B&E Life Fashion created a great work backpack for women’s everyday needs. Once you get it, you will enjoy wearing it to every occasion. A scratch-resistant material saves it from daily tearing, making it an appropriate choice even you travel to work.

High-quality PU leather is enhanced with gold metal hardware, creating a sophisticated model. You can easily keep everything organized into 6 pockets. Thanks to the 2 zippers with no additional space, extending the interior room for extra capacity is possible.

In addition to the style and durability, it comes in seven lovely colors that match everything else in your wardrobe. Wear it with sneakers to elevate your sporty style, or match an elegant outfit for a modish touch. A compact yet super functional backpack will become your personal carry on bag!

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