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Top 21 Cocktail Dresses in 2020 and Where to Find Them

Parties and events that take place in the evening often require you to wear elegant and classy attire.

Although pants and shirts can be an excellent combination for such events, cocktail dresses are something that will complete the occasion entirely. Cocktail dresses that most women choose for such events finish at or above the knees, and they go perfectly with high heels.

Still, choosing a dress has never been an easy task for any woman, which is why we’re providing you with some of the most elegant models that fit every body shape and every style.

How to Choose the Best Cocktail Dress?

Cocktail dresses come in different styles, lengths, and sizes, which is the reason why you can find the perfect one almost everywhere. However, the attire you choose should be in line with the occasion you’re attending since not all the parties have the same motives and purposes.

Therefore, consider the following cocktail dress suggestions based on different events:

  • Cocktail parties are convenient for wearing little black dress, as well as semi-formal attire that will make you look sophisticated.
  • Proms are events where every girl wants to look beautiful, which is why you’re advised to go for a short formal prom dress or a trendy elegant semi-formal attire that will accentuate your youth. The same “rule” can be applied to school dance or dinner.
  • Wedding ceremonies are occasions where you can wear a mini, midi, or maxi cocktail dresses and look both elegant and sexy.
  • Company parties often require a formal but professional look. Therefore, you won’t be wrong if you choose little black dress in knee-length style, cocktail dresses with sleeves, or scoop-neck semi-formal attire.

Now, let’s see the best cocktail dresses you can find in 2020.

1.      Black High Neck Asymmetric Embroidered Trim Maxi Dress – $72.00 on Pretty Little Thing

Black High Neck Asymmetric Maxi Dress is of the best cocktail dresses that are convenient for most of the evening occasions. Its black material and gold embroidered detail make it look sexy and elegant at the same time, allowing you to emphasize the best aspects of your figure.

This maxi black dress can be perfectly completed with strappy heels.

Black High Neck Asymmetric Embroidered Trim Maxi Dress

2.      Black Satin Wrap Skirt Backless Midi Dress – $52.00 on Pretty Little Thing

Little black dress is a garment every woman should have in her closet, primarily because it’s suitable for every occasion.

Therefore, this Black Satin Backless Dress makes an ideal choice for every girl that wants to look attractive and feminine. It comes with a D-ring belt, and it goes perfectly with high heels and big, silver earrings.

Black Satin Wrap Skirt Backless Midi Dress

3.      BB Dakota Women’s Night Fever Velvet Dress – $80.00 on Poshmark

Green velvet has always been a powerful attire that’s quite difficult to be beaten up. This dress is ideal for every woman, especially the younger ones that want to emphasize their youth and freshness.

BB Dakota Velvet Dress can be worn together with knee-high boots or heels, and it is excellent for celebrating New Year’s Eve or similar event. You can wear either a subtle or large necklace with it.

BB Dakota Velvet Dress

4.      City Chick Va Va Voom Off-The-Shoulder Dress – $119.25 on Lord and Taylor

If you’re looking for some of the best plus size cocktail dresses, check out this Va Va Voom Off-The-Shoulder Dress model. It comes in both black and navy colors, and it’s suitable for every occasion that requires you to dress elegantly.

Its sweetheart frilled neckline and off-shoulder frills will open your upper part and provide a fitted silhouette you’ll love. If you don’t feel entirely comfortable while wearing it off-shoulders, you can attach shoulder straps that come as an optional part.

Va Va Voom Off-The-Shoulder Dress

5.      Calvin Klein Women’s ¾ Peplum Sleeve Sheath Dress – $36.22-$146.72 on Amazon

Calvin Klein Sleeve Sheath Dress is gorgeous and suitable for every woman that wants to express her feminine spirit and look confident and elegant.

It’s a cocktail dress with sleeves that accentuates your figure and makes a perfect match with elegant shoes. It comes in different colors and styles, which means that every girl can find a model that meets her needs.

Calvin Klein Sleeve Sheath Dress

6.      Satin Wrap Front Asymmetrical Fit and Flare Dress – $47.94 on Express

When the cocktail party is hosted at the beach bar on any other outdoor location, Satin Wrap Front Asymmetrical Dress represents a fantastic choice for any woman who doesn’t know what to wear.

You can wear this youthful summer dress with either flat sandals or high heels, and both choices will be ideal. The cobalt blue material will make you look prominent and classy, making sure you don’t go unnoticed.

Satin Wrap Front Asymmetrical Dress

7.      Wrap Detail Bodycon Dress – $15.00 on Boohoo

Who says that elegant and sexy cocktail dresses need to be pricey?

Apart from representing an absolute value for money, Wrap Detail Bodycon Dress’s design and colors are classy and sophisticated. It’s suitable for different cocktail occasions, and you can combine it with big, shiny earrings to get a perfect match.

It comes in different colors and sizes, and you can choose the one that highlights your silhouette and makes you feel confident.

Wrap Detail Bodycon Dress’s

8.      Floral Wrap Extreme Ruffle Sleeve Skater Dress – $21.00 on Boohoo

If you’re a fan of long sleeves, this Floral Skater Dress may be the model that’s convenient for you. It comes in three colors – pink, blue, and black, and each of them fits right for every type of cocktail party.

This is one of the long sleeve cocktail dresses that is suitable for the spring season, and it can be perfectly combined with cool-tone shoes or sandals.

Floral Skater Dress

9.      Floral Faux-Wrap Fit & Flare Dress – $69.95 on Lane Bryant

The floral design that combines red and black has always been a mighty combination that fits every body type. This particular model is exceptionally suitable for plus size woman that want to express their sexiness and feel confident and comfortable.

Floral Faux-Wrap Fit & Flare Dress is perfect for every occasion, including office and everyday activities. If you decide to wear it at the cocktail party, be sure that your prettiness and femininity will be at the highest level.

Floral Faux-Wrap Fit & Flare Dress

10.      Vada Lace-Up Formal Midi Dress – $44.90 on Windsor

This midi dress will provide you with a polished, elegant, and sexy look. It comes with a wired V neckline, spaghetti straps that lead to a lace-up back detail, and lower back zipper closure, which make this dress look distinguished.

Vada Lace-Up Formal Midi Dress comes in dark green color and sizes from XS to XL. Overall, this cocktail dress is suitable for different events, including weddings, birthday parties, or Saturday nights with friends.

Vada Lace-Up Formal Midi Dress

11.      Louisa Butterfly Sleeve Cocktail Dress – $188.00 on Nordstrom

Events like weddings require us to wear elegant, which is why this model represents quite a convenient choice.

Among all the cocktail dresses for weddings we’ve seen so far, Louisa Butterfly Sleeve Cocktail Dress is the most suitable choice. Its pencil skirt and elbow-length sleeves are the reason why this dress makes every woman look stylish and sophisticated, regardless of the wedding location and entire atmosphere.

It comes in three colors – black, burgundy, and navy. Each of the colors will look fabulous combined with jewelry, nude shoes, and a nice clutch bag.

Louisa Butterfly Sleeve Cocktail Dress

12.      Swept Off Your Feet High-Low Dress – $42.90 on Windsor

The dream of almost every girl is to be a prom queen, which can’t be achieved without a gorgeous cocktail dress.

Therefore, we’ve chosen Swept Off Your Feet High-Low Dress as one of the best solutions to wear for your prom night. It comes in two colors, black, and burgundy, and both of them will make you look classy. The most interesting part of this dress is its sheer lace back, which makes it unique and exquisite.

Swept Off Your Feet High-Low Dress

13.      Glitter Girl Dress – $32.90 on Windsor

When it comes to short cocktail dresses, choices are varied. Still, Glitter Girl Dress from Windsor is the one you should consider if you want to make yourself shine!

Its square neckline and asymmetrical hemline will accentuate your figure, and you feel confident in your own body. Besides, the glittery design is trendy this season, which is another reason why you’ll make no mistake by going for it.

Glitter Girl Dress

14.      Surplice Neck Lantern Sleeve Belted Satin Dress – $19.00 on SHEIN

Cheap cocktail dresses can look amazing on you, especially when they’re paired with elegant shoes, adequate jewelry, and a fitting bag.

Surplice Neck Lantern Sleeve Belted Satin Dress is quite an elegant option for different types of events, and it’s convenient for both petite and plus- size women. It’s an excellent choice for upcoming events where you want to express your sexiness and sophistication.

Surplice Neck Lantern Sleeve Belted Satin Dress

15.      Fab and Flared Midi Dress – $39.90 on Windsor

Every girl that wants to accentuate her curves should try this Fab and Flared Midi Dress. It’s a perfect choice for all the women that want to boost their confidence and look amazing, no matter what the event is about.

This party cocktail dress features a V neckline, spaghetti straps, and a midi length silhouette with flared hem, which has always been a feminine and elegant detail that provides every woman with a royal look.

Fab and Flared Midi Dress

16.      Glitter Lace and Mikado High-Low A-Line Dress – $129.00 on David’s Bridal

If you want to look as if you were coming from the red carpet, we have no other choice but to present you Glitter Lace and Mikado High-Low Dress, provided by David’s Bridal.

The combination of satin and lace has always been providing flawless design, especially when they both come in navy color. This is the best cocktail dress you can wear on weddings, fundraising events, cocktail parties with your firm, and other occasions where other guests expect you to look fabulous.

It goes perfectly with tiny earrings and heels.

Glitter Lace and Mikado High-Low Dress

17.      Metallic Pleated Faux-Wrap Dress – $47.99 on Lane Bryant

Metallic Pleated Faux-Wrap dress represents quite a gorgeous cocktail attire for women that don’t want to go unnoticed.

Such a style fits every girl that wants to accomplish the effortless and captivating look, no matter where she is. High-low hem and short flutter sleeves make this cocktail dress ideal for both petite and plus-size women, providing them with the appearance that’s hard to forget.

Metallic Pleated Faux-Wrap

18.      Bell Sleeve Lace Cocktail Dress – $106.80 on Nordstrom

Lace will never become outdated, but it’ll always one of the classiest women’s cocktail dresses. Therefore, we suggest you have a look at the Bell Sleeve Lace Cocktail Dress, which is an ideal option for cocktail parties throughout the year.

Patterned lace with scalloped edges make sure you look stylish, and the green color, which is quite popular this year, will highlight your natural appearance.

Bell Sleeve Lace Cocktail Dress

19.      Aqua Floral-Appliqué High-Low Gown – $328.00 on Bloomingdale’s

A cocktail dress that will make you look as if you came from a fairy tale is this Aqua Floral-Appliqué High-Low Gown from Bloomingdale’s store.

3-D floral appliqués and embroidery details make this cocktail dress look so marvelous and unique – therefore, you should check it out as soon as possible!

Floral-Appliqué High-Low Gown

20.      Alluring Love Black and Nude Lace Trumpet Hem Midi Dress – $68.00 on Lulus

No matter where you decide to wear this Black and Nude Lace Trumpet dress, you can be sure that you’ll be noticed. It has all the features one cocktail dress should have, including a nice V neckline, stunning black lace and fitted waist accentuated with a pierced crochet lace.

This dress will create a beautiful body shape, making sure it accentuates all the parts that need to be highlighted. It’s convenient for different occasions, and it looks even better when combined with high heels, jewelry, and other accessories.

Black and Nude Lace Trumpet dres

21. Key Lime Apron Mini Dress – $68.00 on HeyYou Shop

When you want to look distinguished at a cocktail party, you should go for something like Key Lime Apron Mini Dress you can find on HeyYou online shop. One dress like this one will make sure you look sexy and sophisticated, mainly due to its high-quality satin fabric and other details that make this cocktail dress unique.

You can pair it with silver heels and alluring jewelry to take this dress to the next level and enhance your overall look.

Key Lime Apron Mini Dres

What are the Best Places to Buy Cocktail Dresses?

Cocktail dresses can be found in both online and on-site shops, among which the most popular ones are:

  • HeyYou Shop
  • Lulus
  • Bloomingdale’s
  • David’s Bridal
  • Express
  • Nordstrom
  • Macy’s
  • And more.

Conclusion: What Cocktail Dress is the Best?

The best cocktail dress is the one that makes you feel comfortable and confident while wearing it. Make sure you find a dress that’s convenient for the occasion you’re attending, be beautiful in it, and start shining as never before.

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