Best baby bottle warmer 2021

10 Best Baby Bottle Warmers to Reach Desired Temperatures in Minutes

In the middle of the night, it seems like it takes a minute for your hungry crying bundle to become hangry – and that is the moment you realize you actually need a baby bottle warmer. You may think it is an extra moment on your baby registry, but you will change your mind after the sleepless night your little one spent in crying because you couldn’t meet the baby’s temperature preferences.

The new technologies make parenting a more straightforward task, so you should seize the opportunity to reduce your daily errands and save time and energy for cuddling your little one. An extensive baby registry isn’t a luxury anymore – the modern age requires moms to be businesswomen, so they really need space-shutting items like baby monitors, bottles, cribs, swings, food makers, and enjoy new parenting moments.

Our team scoured the market to help you discover what you should look for in baby bottle warmers, consider the available types and take a closer look at Amazon’s most prominent items, so read the text below to find out the model working for you.

Types of Baby Bottle Warmers

  • Classic home solution: It is a part of kitchen counter space and usually bears the steaming function. Can be space-consuming and not able to work as a portable unit. Some models feature the boiling process, making it perfect for instant preparing coffee or tea.
  • Hot water home bottle warmer: It requires the heated water to a specific temperature for it to heat your bottles. It usually takes more time to warm the milk and can not be used on the road.
  • Travel-friendly model: It uses hot water from a thermos you carry with you or draws power from your car and makes it straightforward to feed your little one even outside. These models often feature a compact design, fit diaper bags and prevent liquid spills. It is a life-changer for parents on the road but comes as a treasure for home use for its space-saving design and quick access.
  • Models with a water bath: They enter the market as old-fashioned units in revamped design, heating the bottle in a bath of hot water. It can be time-consuming but eliminates the hot spots and prevents valuable nutrients loss.
  • Models with steam: They offer quicker access but include the risk of overheating. You have to be more careful to prevent potential burns and destroying vitamins and minerals.

Bottle Warmer Buying Guide

  1. Look for the type working for you. If you are often on the move, you’ll want to consider the travel-friendly model making it straightforward to feed your child anywhere and anytime.
  2. Think about functionality. You can choose between models convenient for working with baby bottles only and those with multi-functional features working with food pouches and jars. If you plan to freeze breast milk, you will appreciate the defrost function saving the nutritious potential.
  3. Choose quick access. Your little one becomes impatient when hungry, and you will appreciate to give it its portion as soon as possible. Check the timelines before you make your final choice – do not forget you need a bottle warmer to facilitate the warming process and make it quicker.
  4. Ease-of-use is what you think the most about when you falter out of bed in the middle of the night – that is when you realize you really do not want to handle a complicated unit. The latest tech upgrades make it possible to do everything with the push of a button, so you will be thankful to put away the exhausting complicated instructions.
  5. Consider the power source the unit requires. You can choose the model using batteries or electricity, and portable models usually can plug into the car, so think about the system meeting your needs.
  6. Choose based on the unit’s size. If you deal with small counter space, you should pick the space-saving item. Larger models can warm multiple bottles simultaneously or instantly heat a large amount of milk. A multiple bottle warmer works perfectly for families with twins.
  7. Pick the model featuring consistent warming. You won’t be able to predict the moment your baby starts crying, so look after the device keeping the liquid warm for longer without hot spots.
  8. Take the models requiring wiping or self-cleaning ones to avoid the exhausting cleaning routine. Cleanable items make your life easier and leave you more time to play with your kiddo.
  9. You can consider the models with an audible or visible timer (or both in one) to alert you the bottle reached the desired temperature and prevent overheating.
  10. Choosing a breast milk warmer with adjustable temperature settings makes you get your baby bottle ready while you are bathing it and shortens bed preparation time.
  11. Automatic shut-off resolves your worries about overheating or burning. It especially matters for busy moms tendentious to forget about the bottle.

Top 10 Models: Amazon’s Most Prominent Baby Warmers

10. Wohome – Baby Milk Warmers with Delay Start Function


Busy moms will appreciate having the warmed milk waiting to be taken at a specific time – and the cross-functional Wohome will exceed expectations. You can deferral the start for incredible 24 hours and make you restless about forgetting to prepare the meal for your impatient little one. Featuring sterilizing, bottle warming, food and yogurt heating, it will take 4 minutes to reach the temperature under the 77°F indoor. The installed anti-dry heating system warns you when there is no water in the device, putting it out of burning danger and keeping your family safe. Designed to warm up two bottles instantly, it saves you time and makes your baby not waiting.


  • Multi-functional
  • 4 minutes accessing time
  • Delay start up to 24 hours
  • Auto power off when the water tank is dry
  • LCD screen
  • Touch-sensitive button
  • Keeps warming 113°F for long
  • Double-bottle design for maximum efficiency
  • No liquid hot spots
  • Large capacity
  • Modernistic design
  • Made of PP safety material


  • Not designed as a portable unit

9. Papablic – Mini Portable Bottle Warmer


The minimalistic, mobile design puts the portable Papablic out in the crowd. Created to warm milk without electricity, it is ideal for the baby on the go. The high-quality seal keeps the hot water all day in until you need it and reaches the required temperature fast and safely. Made to fit perfectly in your diaper bag, the lightweight thermos works as a Medela bottle warmer and other major brands like Dr. Brown, Philips Avent and Evenflo. It converts the strenuous baby travelings into an adventure both child and mom enjoy.


  • Minimalistic, portable design
  • Works without electricity
  • High-quality, waterproof seal
  • Quick access
  • Fits perfectly into a diaper bag
  • Lightweight
  • Fits most popular bottles


  • Not compatible with Comotomo and Tommee Tippee bottles
  • Not convenient for warming frozen substances

8. Best Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer

Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer

For preserving nutrients in breast milk, check out the Dr. Brown’s MilkSpa to prepare the baby meal quickly and safely with a gentle water bath. It is made to control heating and automatically shuts off when the water tank is dry. It quickly warms breast milk storage bags, any size baby bottle, baby jars and food pouches. Even and consistent warming provides no hot spots in liquid, preventing scalding and making you confident about the reached temperature. It allows you to choose from 12 pre-programmed settings and start the warming cycle even the milk is frozen.


  • Preserves nutrients
  • Warming with a gentle water bath
  • Heat control and auto-shutoff when the water tank is dry
  • No hot spots
  • 12 pre-programmed settings
  • Convenient for any size baby bottle, baby jars and food pouches
  • Warming even frozen milk with no nutrient loss


  • Can be hard to clean

7. Topwon – Best Car Baby Bottle Warmer


The truth is that your child’s journeys aren’t comfortable, but the smart Topwon makes all the difference. It safely warms the milk, saving the nutrients and reaching the 104°F quickly and easily. You can use it to heat your coffee when fishing, driving or traveling, or to prepare a cup of tea in the car to relieve fatigue. Made to maintain temperature, it offers continuously hot drinks, allowing you to check the current degrees on the LCD screen. The detachable stainless steel inner cup is cleanable, and the system stops working when it detects an improper operation, protecting you from burns and extending its lifespan.


  • Works in car
  • Travel-friendly
  • Quick and easy access
  • LCD screen
  • Detachable stainless steel inner cup
  • Easy to clean
  • Auto-stop when works improperly
  • Convenient for heating milk, coffee or making tea
  • Fits most popular bottles


  • No audio indication the bottle is ready

6. Munchkin Bottle Warmer – Best High-Speed Option

Munchkin Bottle Warmer

Today’s moms’ lifestyle requires an assistant that instantly reaches the baby-perfect temperature, and that is where the high-speed Munchkin comes in. It takes about 90 seconds to prepare the meal for your little one and make it satisfied and calm. The audio indicator lets you know the bottle is ready and automatically shuts off to save energy and prevent overheating. Efficiently keeping the vitamins and minerals, it is safe for both refrigerated breast milk and formula.


  • Reaches the baby-perfect temperature in 90 seconds
  • Safe for refrigerated breast milk and formula
  • Audio indicator and automatic shut off when ready
  • Easy to use
  • Adapter ring for smaller bottles and jars
  • Safe solution


  • Requires frequent cleaning

5. Best Kiinde Bottle Warmer

Best Kiinde Bottle Warmer

Offering a flowing warm water bath, the Kiinde Kozii meets and exceeds CDC and USDA guidelines preparing the nutrients loaded meals for your little one. Featuring an automatic shut-off option, it warms the baby food to an ideal temperature, making you confident about overheating. Breast milk full of beneficial ingredients stays generous with vitamins and minerals, encouraging the baby’s development. Works perfectly for expressed breast milk, baby formula and baby food and fits bags, pouches, bottles and jars. Safe and universal, it becomes the first moms’ favorite.


  • Flowing warm water bath
  • Fast access
  • Preserves the gainful nutrients
  • Auto-shutoff feature
  • Efficiently warms expressed breast milk, baby formula and baby food
  • Fits different food-saving containers
  • Handles both frozen and thawed milk
  • Meeting CDC and USDS regulations


  • Without sterilization option

4. Eccomum – Baby Bottle Heater with Accurate Temperature Control


If you are looking for a solution bearing many different modes, the 6-in-1 Eccomum is a perfect choice. It includes regular and fast breast milk or formula heating, 24-hour thermostat, steam sterilizer, heating food, gentle thawing – all for two bottles instantly, making it time and energy-saving. Designed to fit all kinds of bottles at once, this device allows you to heat the food and milk simultaneously and get your babies ready for bed quickly.


  • 6 different modes
  • Designed to warm two bottles simultaneously
  • Upgraded type fitting all bottle designs
  • Steam sterilizer reaches the temperature up to 212°F
  • Built-in timer for a precise heating time
  • Microsoft temperature control
  • LCD touch screen and backlit design
  • Anti-dry heating system
  • Auto-power off when the heating or sterilizing process is completed
  • Safer and more convenient


  • Not the fastest bottle warmer on the list

3. Philips Avent – Electric Bottle Warmer with Warming Sensor

Philips Avent

The Avent bottle warmer makes things straightforward: featuring smart temperature control and automatic shut off, it prepares the 5 ounces of milk in just 3 minutes and visually indicates the meal is ready. The circulating milk during warming provides gently and evenly heating, reducing the possibility of hot spots. The defrost setting allows you to heat the frozen milk without nutrient loss, and the built-in sensor controls warming to the specific temperature every time. Reaching the desired temperatures has never been easier – push the button, let the device achieve the desired degrees and keep the milk ready for an hour while waiting for your little one to wake up.


  • Mam bottles warmer
  • Heats 5 ounces of milk in 3 minutes
  • Gently and evenly warming without hot spots
  • Light indicator for the finished heating process
  • Defrost setting
  • Keeps milk warm for an hour
  • Works with a push of a button
  • Convenient for heating the homemade baby food


  • Not designed as a portable unit

2. Tommee Tippee – Best Bottle Warmers with No Electricity Needed

Tommee Tippee

No electricity needed comes as a superb feature when you are outside with your baby and want to stay there for a super long time – and that is where the travel-friendly Tommee Tippee comes in. It is effortless to use and requires no extra time to prepare the meal. The thermal flask securely prevents leaks and spills and keeps the water for long, allowing you to stay closer to nature or enjoy an epic road trip with your kid.


  • Portable
  • Keeps hot water for a long time
  • Prevents leaks and spills
  • Compact design easily fits into the baby’s diaper bag
  • Effortless to use
  • Convenient for both breast milk and formula
  • Works with Mam bottles


  • May require some extra time for cleaning

1.Grownsy – Best Baby Warmers with Large Capacity


The revolutionary Grownsy takes the #1 place on our list for many reasons. We like the most is its ability to warm a large liquid capacity in just 30 seconds and maintain constant warming for a long. Enhanced with boil function, the device features an explosion-proof glass and ergonomic handle for safe and no-burn handling. Accurate temperature control with a timer allows you to reach the desired temperature and prevents overheating. If you are looking for an item offering no more waiting to warm the bottles up, consider this game-changer for parents and let your baby enjoy feeding at any time!


  • 30 seconds access
  • Large capacity up to 0.34 gallon
  • Constant warming until dry out
  • Automatically shut-off
  • Boil function
  • Explosion-proof glass
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Accurate temperature control with timer
  • Prevents overheating
  • Bright LED screen with night light
  • Stainless steel heating plate
  • Touch screen control
  • Works for coffee and tea


  • Not convenient for breast milk


You can absolutely raise your child without this unit, but most parents consider it to facilitate the preparation process and save time. It is not a necessity, but you will appreciate warming a bottle faster or even instantly!

You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Different models require different settings, water amounts and power sources, so you should study directives before using them.

Generally speaking, yes, they are. If you pick the model making no hot spots with automatic shut-off and an anti-dry system, you should have no worries.

  1. Please put it in a mug, bowl or small pot with a few inches of hot water for up to 15 minutes. It will heat the milk evenly without hot spots.
  2. Place it under the hot water tap and wait for a couple of minutes. Check the temperature on your forearm to consider your baby’s preferential temperature.
  3. Avoid microwave. It makes hot spots dangerous for your little one and kills the beneficial substances in the milk.

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