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Buying Guide for Best Baby Sit Up Pillow for Your Baby’s Head and Back Stabilization [2022 Edition]

A good baby sit up pillow has a comfortable seat surface that keeps the child from tipping backward when sitting, so they are a good choice for babies who cannot sit up yet. These infant pillow seats should allow your baby to stretch out and move their legs and also have a high backrest and good arm support. Although not an all-day solution, it can be a helpful tool for parents when they need a few hands-free moments to mix up the formula.

When your baby holds their head up well, you can encourage them to sit up by propping them up in a seated position. You can hold their hands or use some kind of support as a baby pillow chair. In the period between 3 and 5 months, the more practice your baby receives sitting with assistance, the more likely they are to try sitting up on their own without the assistance of a pillow or parents’ hands. It is important to stay close to your baby while they are seated in the baby sit pillow and try not to keep them for more than 15 minutes as the positioning in the baby sitting cushion can be restrictive and limit the baby’s natural movements.

We have chosen the best baby sitting pillow to encourage your baby to keep their torso erect. Look at our list of 8 best sitting pillows for babies, followed by a buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

1. Hugaboo Infant Sitting Chair

Hugaboo Infant Sitting Chair

Made for babies between 3 and eleven months old, Hugaboo sitting cushion for the baby helps stabilize your infant’s back, legs, and sides while they learn to sit up. This 360-degree comfy support provides infants with a safe and cozy place to enjoy their surroundings while observing the world around them. Two toy attachment hoops provide children with floor time activities that develop sensory and motor skills. The attached seat bottom prevents your baby from sliding down onto the floor.

With its lightweight and portability, your baby will have a safe place to sit in any room of the house. This product will provide her with a secure seat while learning to sit up independently.

WHAT WE LIKED // Comfortable, Cute pattern, Not restrictive, Machine washable

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // A little bulky

2. Delta Children Floor Seat

Delta Children Floor Seat

This portable and soft baby support seat pillow keeps your baby in an upright position. It provides a comfy environment, allowing your baby to see and interact with their surroundings. The innovative zippered design provides compact and quick fold for easy storage and space-saving. The attached handle and hook and loop closure make it extremely portable, while the zippered seat pad is removable and machine washable. The fabric of the rest of the seat is water and stain-resistant and makes cleaning easy – just wipe it.

The toys included are a crinkle toy, a rattle, and a squeaker. As babies reach for the toys, it will increase their gross motor skills.

WHAT WE LIKED // Sets up and closes quickly, Fun and portable

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // Nothing we could think of

3. Infantino 2-in-1 Tummy Time & Seated Support

Infantino 2-in-1 Tummy Time & Seated Support

This C-shaped pillow includes a detachable BPA-free teether and plush cloth toucan with a mirror attached. This stackable soft, yet firm pillow will keep your baby engaged while developing neck and head muscles and at the same time will grow with your young one. The cleaning is very easy, just spot clean with a sponge or cloth.

What is more, this baby sit pillow can be extended into a tummy time pillow or folded into a seated support pillow. It is perfect for encouraging a comfortable and secure sitting, the Velcro fastening holds the seated C-shape.

WHAT WE LIKED // Made of harm-free materials, Security belt included, Multifunctional

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // Not machine washable

4. Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner

Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner

This Boppy nursing pillow and positioner offers versatile awake-time support and is created for comfort. The removable cover made of cotton blend material is extremely easy to clean and is machine washable. You can easily remove it with a zipper design. The Miracle Middle stretch panel stretches to fit more bodies and places your baby in an ergonomic position. The signature Boppy shape hugs with its structured and versatile design that offers support through the baby’s first year.

It is made of rigorously tested materials that are formaldehyde, phthalate, heavy metal, and flame-retardant free – they meet all the chemical requirements and regulations at a local, state, and federal level.

WHAT WE LIKED // Additional covers available, Great support pillow for babies 9+

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // Relatively thin compared to other pillows

5. Vocheer Baby Sitting Chair

Vocheer Baby Sitting Chair

Vocheer sitting pillow for baby features a cute animal shape that will provide your baby a lot of fun. Lightweight and portable, it will offer all-around comfortable support and a sense of security. This small sofa is designed according to the baby’s body shape, and the two openings for legs allow unrestricted movement. The two convenient loops for hanging small toys will keep your baby entertained while you quickly do your tasks. It also features a handle for easier transport.

The sofa is widened and thickened to give strong support to the back of the baby, effectively preventing the rollover.

WHAT WE LIKED // Extremely soft material, Very stable

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // Comes folded up and it takes time to straighten up

6. KAKIBLIN Baby Sofa Support Chair

KAKIBLIN Baby Sofa Support Chair

This Kakiblin pillow to help baby sit up is made of high-quality, comfortable, and soft plush material which is pleasant to touch. This pillow in the form of a sofa is flexible and will not be deformed easily, as it is filled with high-quality PP material. The bottom is made of non-slip material to prevent movement. What is more, it will help your baby to develop a good sitting posture and stabilize your baby’s back with all-around support. Your baby can easily use this soft sitting chair anywhere in the house as you can easily move it from one room to another.

WHAT WE LIKED // Helps prevent after-meal reflux, Soft fabric, Two handles for moving around, Fluffy

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // No lining to hold the stuffing, Spot cleaning only

7. Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Although technically not entirely a pillow, this seat is worth mentioning. This Fisher-Price portable infant seat will help your baby sit up and support them in an upright position with a sturdy and wide base. The two linkable toys keep your baby entertained to click, clack, shake, and chomp. It is perfect for little wobblers who can hold their head up but need extra help sitting up. It can be easily folded, packed, and transported wherever you want.

A soft and machine washable seat pad is convenient to clean. This floor seat can only be used for a baby who is able to hold their head up unassisted.

WHAT WE LIKED // Encourages gross motor skill development, Easy to put together, Amazing price 

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // Description do not specify the weight limit

8. Infantino 3-in-1 Booster Seat

Infantino 3-in-1 Booster Seat

Another booster seat, but this one has a washable and wipeable cushion for easy cleaning. With the discovery booster seat, your baby can enjoy three different uses from baby to toddler: seated positioner with activity toys for baby’s entertainment, booster snack time, and table booster seat with safety straps. Its removable toy tray is one of the Infantino seat’s most unique feature. It comes packaged with four exciting and engaging toys on a removable tray that encourages sensory development and keeps your baby entertained – you will get mirror play, spinners, silly squeakers, and beads, all on two removable toy pods that convert to a snack tray.

WHAT WE LIKED // Interactive, Plenty of room for baby to grow, Easy to get baby in and out, Lightweight, Easily cleanable parts

WHAT WE DIDN’T LIKE // Not for thinner babies

Sitting Up Pillow for Babies: Buyer’s Guide

There are many prop up pillows for baby on the market, so it can sometimes be very hard to choose the right one for your precious little one. It can be an excellent solution for you and your baby to keep them stable while you do quick tasks like answering a few emails. However, when using these pillows, adult supervision is required all the time, so do not leave your child unattended. Here are some characteristics to consider when shopping for the best pillows to help baby sit up:


Consider the softness of the floor seat when choosing it so your baby will enjoy it. Look for foam-based seats or seats with sufficient padding. If your baby has chubby thighs, find a seat with plenty of legroom. Ensure that trays are removable and with soft edges and can be replaced when putting your baby in and out.


A well-designed pillow will prevent any discomfort in the waist or hip area and allow your baby to move their legs comfortably. A high back position will support your baby’s back, and it should have a lot of room to accommodate a baby’s arms, waist, and legs.


You should choose a floor seat with a safety harness to hold your child in place. The seat should also have straps for tying to a chair (if it is its intended use), which can provide additional support and added security.

In addition, baby sitting cushions should be soft textured, made of plush material that is firm and tight, and above all, made of harmless materials to avoid skin irritation.

Make sure you follow safety precautions when choosing a baby sit up pillow and never leave the baby unsupervised when sitting in the pillow.

Easy Cleaning

Babies spit up, drool, suffer diaper blow-outs, and mess up with their snacks and meals in various ways. Your seat will be easier to clean if it has fewer pieces and attachments.

If your floor seat has a fabric pillow cover, choose the machine washable one so it can be removed, washed, and replaced with ease. It would also be helpful if you look for a seat with a dishwasher-safe tray if your kid will be utilizing their floor seat as a booster or high chair.


There is a baby pillow seat for every budget, with prices ranging from $30 to $150. Consider whether the seat is multifunctional (e.g., the one that includes a booster or high chair) and whether it will save you money in the long run. Also, baby sit up pillows with multiple options like sitting, tummy time, or feeding are also a good deal.