9 Awesome Things You Didn’t Know About Breast Shapes

Your genes dictate skin and hair color, height, obesity, and a “bouquet” of other things along with, breast shape. Genes are more likely to predict breast basis, not actual size. A great deal of times women are born with actual breast size, but it can change throughout their lifespan.

That doesn’t guarantee 100% that you will be a D-cup if your mom and sister are, but it’s certainly more possible for you than the women with a heritage of B-cups.

Most extremities, such as arms, legs, feet, and ears, grow to a certain point and then stop. On the other hand, breasts are totally different. Since breast shape and size can change during lifetime.

No two breasts are the same not even the two on your own chest. There are many different types of breasts, and except bumps and lumps that might indicate a health issue, all those shapes and sizes are regular.

Buying a right bra isn’t refer only to size. It turns out you should be thinking about which shape your breasts are in order to choose a bra type that will be the most flattering.

For that reason, we’ve discovered 9 unique types of boobs and align them in alphabetical order, so you can easily identify which shape most seems like yours.


The word “asymmetric” in breast terminology is referring to lopsided, where one breast is bigger than the other. And asymmetry in boobs can vary, from a small difference to the two “girls” being completely different sizes, like an avocado next to a big pineapple.

It might sound unusual, but most women have asymmetry in their boobs in some shape or form. The cleavage-control straps in all push-up bras and swim tops allow you to adjust each side of breasts individually so you can level them out as desired.

Commonly, the difference in size isn’t too extreme. Therefore, push-up bras with removable pads would probably sort out any discrepancy, while you can even out boobs by adding or removing bra inserts.


Just in case you’re wondering, you don’t need to be a professional athlete to have the athletic breasts. These boobs are wider, more muscular-looking, and have less tissue. So, they’re generally seen on A-C cups.

They’re also a little hard, and a cup gaping tends to be a standard “trouble” for this boobs form due to the lack of volume up top.

Avoid underwired sports bras, since these bras are built for slimmer types of female breasts than athletic ones. Underwire sports bras can be less comfy and sit wrong on the chest tissue of the muscular form.

A classic push up bra is an excellent solution of underwear to make the illusion of curves. Also, a wireless bra is ideal for wider boobs, since it delivers support and comfort.

Bell Shape

Bell shape breasts, as it sounds look like the bells. They are similar at the top and fuller at the bottom and tend to be larger cup sizes. So, when buying a bra, consider support.

A comfortable, lifting T-shirt bra would work great for your shape. Ladies with a bell shape bosom should go for support and try to skip from balconettes to avoid spillage.

Women with bell shapes need a fair amount of coverage and lift, as they tend to be more bosom than the Slender (thin breasts, nipples pointing downward) ones.

East-West Breast Type

If your nipples point outwards, you’re probably an east-west type of woman. Or even if your actual nipples don’t point in opposite directions of the compass, if your general boobs area looks to gravitate away from the chest center, then you’re a kind of east-west girl also.

T-shirt bra types will be the good option for anyone with East West breast types since it smooths over the shape and provides pulling them in.

We recommend push-up bras, as they will help gather your boobs to the chest front. You can also try a sports bra with proper side support, as it’ll allow for a more secure fit.


For the relaxed style, your breasts typically hang downwards and have the lax problem. One of the advances for women with relaxed boob types is that they aren’t hard and muscular, unlike the athletic breasts.

Opt for padded or underwired sports bras which will deliver some extra lift and support. Also, a T-shirt or push-up bra with inserts will definitely provide your girls a little lift, and it’s super fine to hug your boobs as they are.

Be sure the band is thick enough to support your bosoms while checking if the bra has thicker straps to lift the chest tissue comfy.


These breasts are round and full, equally full at the bottom and top, coming to a small point in the middle. In case you’ve boon implants, you’ll probably have this shape.

Women with this breast shape don’t need particularly structured padded bras since they don’t need the bra to shape the boobs. Nature did that for them.

Round breasts are the shape that is entirely circular, and with this boobs preference you can pull off any type of bra.

Most sports bra brands make their products with this shape in mind, so generally, all sports bras work on round breasts shape.

Side Set

They are like east-west breasts because the breast tissue gravitates to the sides. Still, side set breasts are generally fuller and larger with the nipples pointing to the front. There is also a tiny more space between each breast than the east-west breast shapes. If you put a lot of effort to make cleavage, having side set boobs might be the reason for this.

A zip-front close bra that fastens in the front would be perfect for this breast type. Try also with plunge bra, since it will push breasts up and pull them in.


Slender breasts are longer than they are wide, slimmer at the top, and fuller at the bottom. In other words, they are tubular. They’re also generally small in cup size. For this type of chest, the most compatible option to wear is a plunge bra with padding to help with size as well as providing some breasts lifting.

The slender shape doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a smaller cup size. It just means that breasts are on the thinner side, and they probably don’t take up the entire chest. If you want to create the image of slightly bigger boobs, then choose a wireless bra.

Tear Drop

Teardrop breasts are like the round shape but tend to be less full at the top. They can be recognized by the nipple which will probably be set in the middle or be facing upward.

This type tends to fit most models of sports bra, but underwired sports bras can be superb as it provides more support at the bottom where the boob shape is fuller.

Just like the round boobs, the tear-drop form is circular, and you can also “embrace” any bra type if you have this shape.

Does your Breasts Size Change During Time?

Breast size, shape, and other traits are defined genetically. These individual parameters are inheritable and can’t be corrected by non-surgical methods. Still, you can feel some changes throughout the menstrual cycle.

The boobs can become larger and fuller temporarily during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Occasionally, it can be analogous to weight gain and hormonal imbalance. Certain medications can produce breast swelling, also. Certain women get this when using birth control pills.
Do You Know?

The average breast size in women tends to grow? At the start of the 20th century, it was 32A. Today, most women wear 32B–32D bras.

What Happen to Boobs when You Lose Weight?

Even with regular exercises and a strict diet, many women find that their overall figure gets slimmer, but their breasts get noticeably smaller.

The answer is simple! When the body is in a caloric deficit, it begins “spending” the fat “deposits” proportionately. Since the chest has not only glandular but also fatty and connective tissues, they’re influenced by this process.
The proportion of tissues is inherited genetically. In women with a high-fat, the boobs get smaller more rapidly than in women with low-fat.

If you want your bosoms to seem fuller when you’re struggling to lose weight, reinforce the muscles with strength workouts.

To keep the elasticity and prevent sagging, avoid losing weight too quickly, eat healthy foods, and include lean protein leafy greens in the nutrition.

Can Work Out Boost Your Breasts?

You already know that the breasts consist of glandular, connective, and fatty tissues. It’s not a muscular organ. Boobs size and shape are defined by the amount of fat and its transferring. Still, it doesn’t mean that work out is worthless.

Weight training and push-ups that work the pectoral muscles strengthen them, which makes the bosoms look fuller and rise.

Squats, plank variations, and pull-ups make the back muscles and the shoulder girdle stronger, which boosts posture and sets the breasts forward.

By consuming healthy food and performing fat burning workouts like running, swimming, and swimming, you can improve the breasts size and shape.

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