6 Most Common Misconceptions About Balconette Bras

In a mall full of brand-new, unique and innovative clothes, women will always end up in a lingerie section. Finding a perfect bra or panties can be a huge task since it needs to match the size and the style and overall, it needs to be comfortable.

Nowadays, you can choose between thousands of different bra models – from standard full coverage bra to self-adhesive bra, push-up bra or transparent bra samples that boost confidence and bring elegance to all women.

But women always want more – for example, a bra that contains all the above-mentioned bras’ characteristics. Guess what? It exists, and it’s even better – meet the balconette bra, the all-in-one package that brings sexiness to your everyday style.

What is a Balconette Bra?

Balcony, balcony-like or balconette bra is similar to demi bra, but these two concepts shouldn’t be totally identified with each other. Both demi and balconette bra provide a half coverage to the breasts, but the balconette bra’s cups tend to cover less.

The balconette bra’s cups are a bit shorter in height, and the straps are set wider and closer to the arms. This construction visually lengthens the waist, enhances the bust and it makes your upper body look thinner.

This kind of bra has not been reviewed a lot of times, and there are certain misconceptions about it. Let’s go through 6 most common opinions about the balconette bra, and let’s reveal the real picture of it!

Misconception #1: It’s Uncomfortable

There are always misconceptions when it comes to nice and elegant garments. When you see gorgeous high heels in the store, you don’t buy them because you think that you couldn’t make 2 steps in them – and you haven’t even tried them!

The same is with balconette bras. Most women think that it’s uncomfortable since it mostly looks heavy and its cups seem hard. Don’t judge the book by its cover – balconette bra is exceptionally light and comfortable, and it can be worn every day.

The only case when it might bother you is the wrong cup size. Make sure you measure your bust size correctly before you decide to purchase it since it can cause discomfort, especially if you buy a smaller one. If you’re not sure how to take a right measurement, check out this bra size measurement guide!

Misconception #2: It’s not Practical

Most women think that balconette bra comes in only one or two styles. The reason for that is unknown, and we won’t analyze it – let’s break the myth instead!

Balconette bra, like any other bra type, comes in various styles and models. For example:

Balconette push up bra: it lifts your breasts, and it makes them look bigger and firmer. With the push up balconette bra, your cleavage will look more prominent, and it’ll bring a feminine image to your style. Check out this model:
  • MAIDENFORM Love the Lift Push-up Bra ($44.00): this bra provides excellent coverage, and it’s convenient for any style you like. It brings extra push up effect, and you can choose between various colors.
Strapless balconette bra: strapless bras are always must-have undergarments. They can be life-savers when it comes to backless dresses and halter tops, but the problem happens when they lose stability, which occurs after a couple of hours. However, strapless balconette bra brings long-lasting stability, support, and nice shape. For example:
  • FREYA Cameo Strapless Bra ($64.00): this strapless balconette bra model comes with detachable the straps which you can wear crisscross, halter or in the traditional way. When you wear it strapless, be sure that it won’t move – its silicone lining and side boning provide extra stability to you and your bust.
Lace balconette bra: the lace has always been related to sophistication and luxury. And when it’s put on the best balconette bra, it looks even smarter.

Have a look at the next example:
  • 24/7™ Lace Balconette Bra ($76.00): this bra will enhance the sexiness every woman carries in herself. Its floral pattern brings a dose of the vintage look, and its softness will make you feel amazing in your own skin.
These are just some of the balconette bra models and types. As you can see, it combines all the necessary characteristics which make it convenient for every woman. Who says it's not practical?:

Misconception #3: Women with Small Boobs Can’t Wear It

Women with smaller bust often feel insecure, and they tend to think that there's no bra which would fit them nicely. Well, ladies, balconette bra is the right choice for you. It brings the push-up effect itself, and it makes your bust perky and enhanced.

Balconette bra is also convenient for women whose breasts are separated or wide-set because of their typically wider center gore. In that way, the breasts stay separated and in their place.

Misconception #4: It’s Not Plus-Size Friendly

Finding the right bra for bigger breasts is a challenge indeed. However, when it comes to balconette bra, it tends to provide more support to the bigger bust, especially if it’s made of non-elastic fabrics. In that way, it puts everything in its place making a gorgeous but sophisticated cleavage.

Have a look at these two best balconette bra plus size models:
  • DITA VON TEESE Star Lift Full Cup Bra ($70.00): who says the balconette bra can't provide good coverage? This model comes with sophisticated and urbane sateen providing comfort and good looking. It’s a good choice for every woman since it’s quite ‘classic’ and modern.

    Most importantly, this model fits perfectly to all women who deal with the plus size bust and makes them feel more secure, confident and sexy.
  • Ashley Graham Lace and Striped Showstopper Bra ($45.00): this balconette bra plus size model comes with comfortable padded cups and underwire which provide excellent support. It comes in 2 colors, and both will make you look classy and elegant, with a dose of seductiveness. This bra will give you an uplift and a dose of provocativeness, and it'll suit every garment perfectly.
  • And here comes the most useful trick for the plus-size ladies – when buying a balconette bra, make sure that the back band supports well and that the bridge between the cups stays in its place. That’s the proven method that can help you choose the fitting bra and avoid spillage problems which usually occur when the bra size is not correct.

Misconception #5: It Goes with Elegant Outfits Only

Even though the balconette bra comes in elegant designs mostly, that doesn't mean that you should wear it on special occasions only. Wear it every day – even with the classic T-shirt!

Balconette bra is a quite suitable choice for any kind of shirt – no matter if it’s the one which is a part of the office uniform, the one with floral pattern which you wear when you have coffee with friends on Sunday afternoon, the formal one you wear for business meetings or the elegant shirt especially dressed for dinners and night out.

You see? There are no limitations when it comes to wearing a balconette bra as long as you feel comfortable in it. Even though it might be a little awkward in the beginning, you’ll get used to it pretty soon!

Misconception #6: It Will Make My Neckline Look Too Aggressive

There is a thin line between sexy and exaggerated look. Neckline significantly influences the physical appearance, and it can make a little black dress look outstandingly on someone. However, a bra is a crucial factor for making a million-dollar cleavage, and you should think wisely while choosing one.

When it comes to balconette bra, most misconceptions are related to the neckline look. Many women think that this kind of bra won’t cover the bust sufficiently and that the whole upper part of the breasts will be indecorously visible. Actually, it doesn’t have to be like that.
The balconette bra will slightly uplift the breasts and make them look firm and round – it won’t squeeze them and make them too close to each other, but it will keep them separated providing a natural look.

Again, if you buy the unfitting one, it may make your bust look unnatural and indecent because of the spilling effect that it'll inevitably provoke.

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