5 Things That Influence Your Breast Size

Breast size is the thing that very often influences the woman's confidence. Women with smaller breasts tend to find themselves unattractive, while women with bigger boobs sometimes don't feel comfortable.

What's the perfect breast size then?

Lots of people differently perceive the word "perfect." Someone thinks that the beach is a perfect summer vacation place, and the others might think of going to a mountain instead. You see? The same is with breast sizes – each one is perfect in its way.

The boob cup sizes are not something you should be preoccupied with. Nowadays you can find plenty of ways to enhance or reduce the bust size, and that doesn't include plastic surgery. There is a variety of ways which will make your breasts look just like you want it, so, heads up!

Here is a list of five things that influence your breast size – keep reading and learn more about it. And remember – a perfect breast size is the one which makes you feel comfortable as a woman!

1. Genetics

Genetics is what influences our physical appearance in general. It is known that our height and eye color depend on our parents’, but nobody’s told us what affects the breast size. Well, it’s genetics again – a reason why all women have different breast sizes.

Genetics is all about the genes, and that’s the key here – they influence the level of the hormones which affect the breast tissue. More precisely, some researches have proven that the genes are related to breast sagging, breast volume, and breast shape.

So, the truth is that genetics mostly affect the boob sizes. If your mother and sister wear the C cups, you’re most likely to be the same size – but not necessarily! It’s not rare that some women in your family don’t follow the pattern and wear smaller or bigger breast cup sizes than you – we’re created different after all.

2. Weight

It is important to know that the weight affects breast size as well. Why? The reason is simple – the breasts are mainly made of the fat and losing or gaining weight can change the boobs’ size.

Losing weight

How many times did you notice that your breasts magically “disappeared" after you've lost some pounds? Don't worry; they can reappear as well!

The solution lies in a correct diet which consist of food rich in estrogen and progesterone. Both hormones play a significant role in a woman's body, and they influence sexual health, metabolism and breast size!
Here is a list of estrogen rich food which you should include in your diet if you want to keep your breasts big even when you lose weight:

  • Flax seeds – they're one of the richest sources of estrogen. Flax seeds can reduce the level of cholesterol, and you can easily include them in your everyday nutrition. For example, you can add them to the smoothies or the oatmeal. Yummy!
  • Fruits – Fruits are healthy in general but try to eat as many strawberries and peaches as you can! No matter if they're raw or blended into a yogurt, they provide energy and good mood.
  • Soy – there are many ways of consuming soy – you can have soy milk, soy yogurt, roasted soy chunks or tofu. Soy is quite popular nowadays, and it's a part of many people's everyday nutrition. Why don't you try it too?
  • Nuts – we can say that nuts are one of the healthiest snacks! Peanuts, pistachios, and walnuts augment the level of estrogen, and they can be easily added to any dish or salad.
  • Dry fruits – another healthy snack you can have any time you want. Dry fruits like dried apricots, prunes and dates are a perfect replacement for sweets and they “boost” your body with phytoestrogen!
  • Red wine – the last but not least! Red wine is extremely healthy when appropriately consumed, and it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Enjoy the wine with light dinner and relax. It's not that hard living a healthy life!

Gaining weight

On the other hand, gaining weight can influence breast size increase. Women who deal with it usually suffer from back pain, and it can prevent them from performing everyday activities. So, girls, having big breasts is not that easy sometimes!

The first thing you have to do if you want to reduce the breast size is to reduce the body fat. When it comes to diet, avoid the rich estrogen products, develop low-calorie and highly nutritious food.

For example, include fresh fruits, vegetables, salmon and grilled chicken in your diet. This food will help you lose weight, reduce breast size and stay healthy!

These are just suggestions which can help you reduce or increase the cup size. Don't expect the results to come overnight – everyone has a different metabolism, and it can take more or less time to notice any progress. Anyway, the best option would be to consult the doctor if you want to do some serious diet change.

3. Age

As we become older, everything changes – skin, hair, thoughts (we develop in all fields) and breasts. Our breasts don’t look the same way as they looked a couple of years ago and that’s usually because of a skin elasticity change which is directly related to our age. Let’s see what happens with the breasts throughout the years:

  • They lose density
  • They become softer
  • They become bigger or smaller

And that is completely normal. Nowadays you can find a lot of different tips and tricks which can make your boobs look perfectly shaped and contoured. For example:

  • Breast Contouring – Makeup can be used for various purposes, and breast contouring is one of them. All you need is a bronzer, highlighter, and a brush and you can make your boobs look even 3 cups bigger! How to do that? Watch this video and see all the breast contouring steps.
  • Find a fitting push-up bra – A push-up bra is an excellent option when you want to uplift your breasts and give them a good shape. But first, make sure you know the exact bra size that fits you – check out this breast sizes chart and guide right now!
  • Try silicone bra pads – Silicone bra pads or chicken cutlets are really popular today. You just put them inside the bra, place the cutlets beneath each breast, and your bust is enhanced and better-shaped instantly!

4. Hormonal Changes

It’s not rare that your breasts become slightly bigger during the period, pregnancy, or while using birth-control pills. The reason is the hormonal change that affects our body and tends to make specific changes. So, nothing to worry about!

  • Period
The body is more sensitive during the period, and that leads to the discomfort that most women feel during this time of the month. As the breasts become bigger, you'll need more comfortable lingerie – try wearing a larger bra than usual or a sports bra – you’ll feel better for sure!

  • Pregnancy
Believe it or not, breasts can become several cup sizes bigger during the pregnancy. The “culprit” is a hormonal change which causes the increase of progesterone which influences the breast sizes in general. You remember the Weight section where we mentioned the hormones?

Another reason is breastfeeding. Your breasts change their size and shape thanks to the milk that's coming in, but that doesn't last forever. Your breasts will probably retrieve their standard size about three to six months after you stop nursing.

  • Birth-control pills
Medications like birth-control pills contain a huge dose of hormones – mostly estrogen and progestin, which is a synthetic version of progesterone. They directly influence a breast size and make them increase a bit. But that's just a temporary effect – your real breast size will be back within a few months of taking the pills or as soon as you stop using them.

5. Exercise

When you work out, you build the muscles, and you burn the fat. As you know, breasts aren’t muscles, and no activity is wholly dedicated to that area. But here is something you can do to help to make your breasts bigger or smaller:

Exercises for increasing the breast size

Exercises can’t directly influence your breast size. However, there is a pectoral muscle that lies underneath your breast tissue, and by building it, you might notice a slight bust increase. Here are some exercises which can help you:

Do push-ups: This exercise is excellent for pectoral muscles. It strengthens and enlarges the chest, and it can make the breast appear larger. Do three sets of 15 pushups at every two days and make your arms and pecs stronger than ever!

Do dumbbell chest presses: This exercise is good both for arms and breasts. Pick out dumbbells (8, 10 or 12 pounds) and lift them toward each other over your chest in 3 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions – that will be enough for the beginning.

Do isometric chest contractions: This exercise is good for boosting the size of chest muscles, and all you need is a towel! Follow these steps:

  • Stand with your feet – shoulder width apart
  • Hold the towel in front of your chest with both arms outstretched
  • Pull on both sides of the towel at the same time
  • Continue pulling it in the same motion for 3 minutes.
Exercises for reducing breast size

When you decide to lose weight, cardio workout like swimming, running or aerobics can help you burn the fat efficiently. So, if you want to reduce your breast size as well, do some of these exercises:

Jogging: Jogging is a great exercise for losing weight, breast reduction, boosting energy and good mood. Go to your favorite park, beach or wherever you feel nice and enjoy the moment!

Cycling: You can do cycling in the gym or nature – wherever you prefer. This exercise reduces the body fat and helps you reach the goal and stay in shape.

Palm Tree Pose: This yoga pose will help you reduce the breast and body fat, but, overall, you'll feel relaxed, and the stress level will be at the minimum. Follow the steps:

  • Stand with your feet wide apart
  • Raise your hands above the head with fingers interlocked
  • Press the palm towards the ceiling, stretching the elbows
  • Lift the rib cage and raise heels
  • Come back to the toes

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