The Best Cooling Bras for Hot Summer Days in 2022

Summer is here, which means that we can finally enjoy sunny weather and fun by the beach or pool. Still, summer is also known for the inconveniences it brings, and they are mostly related to sweat.

Sweat is quite an annoying occurrence that affects many skin problems, especially while wearing unbreathable and uncomfortable clothes that’s made of low-quality materials. Bras are also placed into this category since they can be a woman’s worst enemy during the hot summertime.

Women with bigger breasts are even more affected because of the bra that often digs into the lower bust, causing itch, allergies, and an unpleasant feeling. It might not look too serious at the beginning, but it can become a too frustrating thing.

Luckily, there is a solution for such issues – a cooling bra.

What are the Factors That Cause Sweating?

A person can be prone to sweating due to some innate reasons, but most of the factors are related to specific phases of life. So, if you're facing such a problem, it might be because of:

  • Menopause or pregnancy: Women who pass through menopause or pregnancy are more prone to this problem because of the imbalanced hormones.
  • Moisturizers and deodorants: One of the biggest mistakes when it comes to underboob sweat is putting deodorant or moisturizer on that place. Although it sounds like a reasonable solution, it can actually bring more stickiness to your chest area.
  • Nervousness and stress: Stress is the most common cause of the majority of health problems. So, if you are under pressure due to some occasions, that might be the reason for excess sweating.
  • Poor-quality and tight clothes: Many times, clothes that are made of low-quality materials cause underboob sweat. Instead of wearing those, choose cotton or some more breathable fabrics. Also, avoid wearing tight garments – go for baggy clothes, and you'll feel more comfortable and sweat-free.
  • Wrong bra: Finally, a wrong bra is the main culprit for discomfort – in addition to the wrong bra size, heavy and unbreathable materials tend to cause underboob sweat, not only during the summer season but also during everyday activities.

What is a Cooling Bra?

Cooling bras are undergarments which are made of moisture-wicking materials, sheer panels, and large open backs that prevent your breasts from getting sweaty.

This kind of material is mostly found on sports bras since they are used for activities that cause sweat. Accordingly, if you are prone to sweating, or if you’ve got sensitive skin, you should consider such a bra.

What are the Best Cooling Bra Models in 2022?

Apart from being handy for surviving high temperatures, a cooling bra also comes in various models and sizes.

We are going to show you the five best designs that will make your summer of 2022 more breathable and trendier.
If you need a bra that’s comfy and classy, this model from Madewell will meet your needs for sure. It’s mostly made of cotton, it’s wire-free, and bralette, which makes it a perfect undergarment for hot weather.

The most significant advantage of this summer bra is its deep plunge design that helps encourage airflow between cleavage, making sure your skin remains dry. The only drawback would be the sizing – this bra model runs small (XS, S, M, and L), which is why it might not be convenient for plus-size ladies.

Also, it’s recommended to go a size up from your regular size when purchasing this bra.
This marvelously designed moisture wicking bra is specially designed for women who go running or jogging on a daily basis. It’s got a higher neckline that provides more coverage while running, hiking, biking, snowboarding, yoga, or doing any other sport.

This cooling sports bra has got the mesh racerback and Dri-FIT technology that helps you stay cool and fresh even during the most intense cardio workout. It’s also got removable pads, which means that you can use other bra inserts that will provide you with more comfort. Speaking of the sizing, it comes in S, M, L, and XL, which, as for the previous bra model, can be frustrating for women with bigger bust. Except for that, this bra has no other drawbacks.
And here comes something friendly with plus-size girls. This is a cooling bra that provides women with full coverage, and its microfiber technology makes you feel cool and refreshed. It comes in various colors and designs, and it’s suitable even for H cups.

The underwire and molded cups will provide you with an excellent shape, and mesh center panel will allow your skin to breathe swimmingly. As for the drawbacks, the price would be the only one.
If you are among those women who want to enhance their cleavage, Calvin Klein brings you the unique solution. This bra model is seamless, wireless, and soft, and it’s got adjustable straps that provide you with more options. Due to its T-shirt bra mode, it won’t be visible under tops or dresses.

Since it’s got light and contour cups, it will give you a slight lift, enhancing your natural breast shape. Apart from that, this bra is made of high-quality and breathable materials, which make you feel as if you were not wearing it.

Speaking of the downsides, many buyers are not satisfied with the sizes. They claim that the cups are quite small, and they are not fitting.
If you want a simply designed bra that’s made for everyday wear, this one is the key. It’s got the sheer panel in the center, between the cups, as well as in the back. That way, the air will flawlessly pass towards your skin, no matter if it’s a hot day, or you’re wearing warm clothes.

It comes in three colors – black, white, and beige; so, no matter which one you choose, it will go perfectly under any outfit. The sizes are also diverse, and they go from S to 3XL.

Based on the buyers’ experience, the downside of its bra is the lack of support. Namely, it’s not suitable for women with a bigger bust that need a supportive and stable bra.

Overall, since almost all the mentioned breathable bras drawbacks are related to the size, make sure you take the correct measurements before you start shopping.

Extra Tips for Preventing Underboob Sweat

If you are not able to buy a new cooling bra at the moment, we’ve made a list of four suggestions that may help you solve the problem with underboob sweat. These are more affordable solutions, and they can be pretty handy.

  • Bra liners:Bra liners absorb sweat, prevent chafing, pull moisture away, and prevent skin irritation. They're mostly made of cotton, and they are put under the bra cups. They are suitable for women with a larger bust, and to those who are prone to allergy due to sensitive skin.
  • Argan oil: Argan oil is known for its therapeutic properties, and it’s one of the most used ways to prevent sweating. Apply a few drops of oil underneath your breasts, and apart from sweat prevention, it will protect you from potential allergies and irritations. Still, make sure you don’t put too much of it – you can cause the opposite effect.
  • Baby powder: Baby powder is considered one of the best products that absorb the moisture. It will also prevent rash and irritation, and it will keep your skin dry and soft.
  • Cooling bra inserts: Cooling bra pads mostly contain water-absorbing crystals that need to be soaked in water for 20 minutes before putting them into the bra. That way, they will provide you with freshness, but that doesn’t mean they’ll prevent you from sweating.
Underboob sweat can be quite uncomfortable and annoying, but, luckily, there are many solutions for that. Still, bear in mind that these solutions are temporary, and if you’re facing more severe sweating problems, you should visit the doctor and ask for advice. Excessive sweat can cause serious skin irritations, especially in the chest area, so, don’t ignore it.

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