33 Different Bra Styles Every Woman Should Know About

The times when you couldn’t find a suitable bra are far behind us. Nowadays, there is a plenty of different bra types and styles you can combine with every outfit you want, and since they’re mostly designed for all breast sizes and shapes, there is an infinite number of options for you.

Based on the mentioned fact, we can say that the bra world has passed throughout the significant evolution – it’s no longer observed as uncomfortable, hard-to-wear garment, and some women even enjoy sleeping in it. Who would say that?

And if you’re still unfamiliar with all the bra types available on the market, don’t worry – this article will present you the vast space of the bras, and you’ll see that there are way more solutions that you could ever imagine.

There’s no time to waste, so – let’s get started.

1. Padded Bra

As its name says, this type of bra comes with the cups that have padding, or built-in pockets. Any bra can be padded, from elegant one to the typical sports bra, and it is convenient for women with a smaller chest since it slightly enhances the bust size.

Speaking of women with bigger breasts, this kind of bra might be uncomfortable, since it increases the bust even more. Also, you might feel inconveniences if you’re wearing the wrong size.

Overall, it’s suitable for all breasts, shapes, and sizes.

2. Underwire Bra

Underwire bra is the most common bra type. It’s got a wire sewn into the material under each cup, and its “role” is to provide more support and a bit of lift. However, most women find it uncomfortable since the wire often pops out, pokes the skin, and causes itch due to the tightness.

This bra type is suitable for women with a bigger bust because of the support it provides. Still, be careful when buying it – make sure it’s made of high-quality materials if you don’t want to deal with a popping wire.

3. Wireless Bra

Unlike the underwire bra, the wireless one comes without the sewn metal. It is quite popular among women since they can wear it every day, with any garment – plus, it’s a truly comfortable solution, and you won’t feel it on your skin.

Every woman can wear it, but those with bigger bust might not feel enough support since no wire would hold the breasts.

4. Push-up Bra

If you want to accentuate your cleavage and boost your breast size, you should consider a push-up bra. Most of them have paddings under the cups and on sides so that it lifts the breasts completely.

It’s suitable for all sizes and shapes, and it doesn’t have to be worn under the low-cut top – you can also wear it with your everyday outfits.

5. Unlined Bra

Unlike padded bras, the unlined are entirely free of any extra fabrics or cushioning, they feel entirely smooth on the skin, and they don’t emphasize the bust size or cleavage.

They can be worn every day, and they are convenient for all breasts sizes and shapes. Besides, they bring comfort and elegance at the same time.

6. Seamless Bra

Seamless bras are an excellent choice when you don’t want the bra lining to be visible through the T-shirt or dress. They are mostly soft-padded, which makes them different from unlined bra styles, and that’s why they provide excellent support and good nipple coverage.

It’s suitable for all breast sizes and shapes, and every woman will feel comfortable while wearing it.

7. Bralette

Bralette is a lightweight, unlined, and soft-cup bra. It provides excellent coverage, but the support is not the best. It is convenient for traveling, sleeping, or wearing around the house.

However, it’s not that suitable for more significant and fuller bust during everyday activities because of the lack of support; but preadolescent girls and teenagers mostly use it during their breast development.

8. Bandeau Bra

We can observe bandeau as a piece of material which is used to cover the breasts. It hasn’t got any wires, hooks, cups or straps, and it provides the bust with a natural look.

You can wear it under a strapless top, dress, or you can wear it as a top itself when heading to the beach, or during an ordinary walk.

Still, it’s not that suitable for big-busted girls because of no support at all.

9. T-Shirt Bra

A T-shirt bra is another comfy solution for everyday wear. It looks like a regular bra, but it’s completely seamless, and it’s got molded cups that provide proper shape and a smooth silhouette.

It works perfectly with T-shirts, but you can also wear it with tank tops, dresses, or any other casual outfit – the best thing – it looks great on every breast size and shape.

10. Full Coverage Bra

If you don’t want to overexpose your breasts, then you can consider a full coverage bra. These types of bras give you extra coverage, and their strong underwire makes sure you’re provided with sufficient support.

The fabrics on the cups are more curve-hugging, but that doesn’t mean they’re old-fashioned and unattractive – there’s no doubt that you can find a lot of different full coverage bra styles in stores.

It’s suitable for anyone, but women with more prominent and fuller bust often wear it because they naturally need more coverage.

11. Demi Bra

We can say that demi bra is the opposite of a full coverage bra. It covers about half of the breast, exposing the upper part of it. This type of bra is the reflection of elegance, and it comes in handy when you’re wearing V-necks or any other top where you want to enhance your natural breast shape.

This bra is especially great for women with a smaller chest since it forms elegant breast shape and slightly increases the bust size.

12. Balconette Bra

Balconette or balcony bra is quite similar to a demi bra. It also covers the half of the breast, but its cups are slightly smaller than the demi bra’s. The design of the balconettes is quite elegant and feminine, and it provides you with a subtle lift of your natural shape.

It can be worn regularly, but most women prefer to wear it for special occasions. It goes well, especially with fuller bust size, but petite women can wear it as well.

13. Shelf Bra

Shelf bra‘s cups are very low, and they leave most of your breasts uncovered. They give you a sexy look, they are mostly made of lace, and they come in various sizes, which makes them suitable for every woman.

Most of shelf bra styles are already built into the top so that you don’t need to wear an extra bra.

14. Plunge Bra

The cups of plunge bra styles are low in the center, with a deep Vi-neckline. They are specifically designed to enhance the bust size and cleavage so that they look naturally. Plunge bra goes perfectly with low neck tops and dresses, but it might not be the comfortable choice for everyday wear.

It looks beautiful on both bigger and smaller bust.

15. Convertible Bra

Convertible bra types come with straps that can go from straight to crisscross – hence, you can adjust them the way it fits the outfit you’re about to wear.

For instance, they come in handy when you need to change your clothes instantly – instead of looking for another bra that would fit it, you can just convert the bra you already have into the one you need – and you’re ready to go.

It fits perfectly to all women, and since you can adjust it, even the smallest inconvenience can be overcome.

16. Strapless Bra

A strapless bra is considered the obligatory part of a woman’s wardrobe. It hasn’t got straps, which is why it’s important to find one that’ll give you the ultimate support in order to avoid any discomfort.

When looking for a strapless bra, have in mind the next four things:
  • The underwire doesn’t dig into your chest
  • The back band doesn’t slip
  • It provides enough support to your breasts
  • There’s no spillage or gaping in the cups

17. Sticky Bra

A sticky or adhesive bra is a kind of strapless bra, but instead of hooking it, you just let it stick to your skin.

They come in handy when you’re wearing backless tops or dresses, or when you just want to cover your nipples – the choice is up to you. There are a lot of different sticky bra styles, colors, sizes, and shapes, and they’re available in both online and on-site stores.

18. Halter Bra

Halter bra, as its name says, is specially designed for wearing it under the halter tops, dresses, or any garment with a halter neck. It’s convenient if you are unsure about strapless and sticky bra’s support.HaHJMM

It goes well with all breast sizes and shapes, but it’s not recommended to wear it during everyday activities since your neck is a source of support, especially if you have a bigger chest.

19. Low-Back Bra

What can ruin a glamorous backless dress in a blink of an eye? A bra band. Luckily, that is not a serious problem anymore – a low-back bra has solved it.

It’s got a U-shape scoop which brings the bra band low around the back. That way, you can wear the garments that reveal your back confidently, knowing that your bra is not spoiling the whole concept.

Besides, you can use a bra extender and make any bra suitable for low back outfits.

20. Longline Bra

A longline bra is observed as a modern version of a corset. Its band extends lower than it’s on everyday bras, and it mostly goes down to your hips, for adding extra support. Besides, some women wear it because it significantly helps with waist-shaping.

Longline bras are quite popular bra types among women, and some of them tend to wear it as a corset itself, together with a coat or leather jacket. It’s suitable for all breast sizes and shapes, especially for a bigger bust that needs additional support.

21. No Sag Bra

Unfortunately, many women are facing the problem of sagging breasts. But, in the sea of different types of bra, you can find one that helps alleviate the mentioned trouble – a no-sag bra.

It’s made of high-strength and no-stretch fabrics so that it can firmly hold the breasts in one place. It’s got a reinforced frame, wide back, and thick straps that help your breasts achieve a gentle lift and wearing it regularly can prevent the sagging.

22. Posture Bra

If you are one of those women who spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer, then you must be facing the pain in the back or the neck – and all that is caused by wrong body position.

To improve that, many women opt for posture bra – it provides the breasts with more support, it’s got a crisscross pattern in the back, and it’s mostly wireless. That way, you’ll feel the instant relief, and you’ll enjoy the comfort.

Also, posture bra can work as a bra for scoliosis – it provides full support, both front, and back, and it significantly helps the ladies that are facing any spinal problems.

23. Sleeping Bra

A sleeping bra is designed to reduce breast discomfort during the night, and it provides sufficient support even though it hasn’t got any paddings, wires, snaps, or hooks.

It is an excellent solution for women who feel more comfortable with a bra on during sleeping, and since it comes in various sizes, any woman can wear it. However, it’s recommended to go for size up to make sure the bra is not too tight.

24. Built-In Bra

Built-in, cami, or camisole bra is a type of bra that’s already sewn into a garment, representing a perfect combination of style and functionality. It usually comes with high necklines and full cups that conceal cleavage.

This bra is quite practical since you don’t need an extra one, and it will give you enough support and good shape.

25. Transparent Bra

As the name says, transparent or see-through types of bra are made of sheer material that reveals whole breasts. It comes in various models and designs, and it goes perfectly under some light clothes.

Transparent bras are also pretty convenient for sleeping, since most of them are wireless and unpadded, and most women see it as the sexiest undergarment in the bra world.

26. Cage Bra

Cage bras have recently become quite popular. They come with multiple straps that are either on the back or in the front. These bras are great to be worn with a low cut and sheer outfits, and apart from bringing sexiness to your look, they’re also quite supportive.

They are suitable for all breast sizes, and you can find them in various models and designs.

27. Peephole Bra

Peephole bra belongs to the category of erotic designed bra styles. It’s got a hole in the center of the cups so that the nipples are shown.

It’s not suitable for everyday wear, but it comes in handy for some special occasions. It comes in all sizes, and any woman will feel attractive in it.

28. Cupless Bra

Believe it or not, there is a bra that comes with no cups. It is used to flaunt the breasts and nipples, and it belongs to a sexy lingerie category, as well as the peephole bra.

Cupless bras usually have a bit of the lace or some other materials that slightly cover the breasts, but, overall, not many women use it as the everyday option.

29. Bullet Bra

If you want to achieve a vintage look, you can go for a bullet bra. It’s specifically designed to give your breasts a pointy look, and it’s mostly made of cotton, satin or polyester.

It’s quite comfortable to wear, but it’s not suitable for daily use. You can wear it under the blazer or jacket, or under any outfit that makes you feel comfortable.

It comes in all sizes and designs, and it’s available both online and in on-site stores.

30. Minimizer Bra

Not every woman with a larger bust feels confident and comfortable. Although there are loads of bra types made for increasing the breast size, there are those made for reducing it as well.

A minimizer bra is a right example. This kind of bra is designed for girls that want to make their bust look smaller, and the women with 34C and above size mostly use it.

It comes in all sizes, but it might not be the best solution for women with a smaller chest.

31. Maternity Bra

Maternity or nursing bra is designed to alleviate the life of mothers-to-be. During the time of the pregnancy, the breasts vary in size, and the bra you used to wear might not be fitting anymore.

Maternity bra has no underwire, and it should provide the maximum dose of comfort. Also, it’s got detachable straps that are convenient for breastfeeding later.

It’s available in all sizes, and it’s recommended to be worn during pregnancy when the comfort is more than necessary.

32. Mastectomy Bra

These bras are designed for those women who have had a mastectomy without breast reconstruction. They’ve got silicone prosthesis pockets in both cups, and they’re made of soft and anti-microbial fabrics that provide you with comfort and good feeling.

Mastectomy bras also come in various models and designs, and their goal is to make the women who’ve passed through a difficult period of life feel confident and beautiful in their skin.

33. Sports Bra

Last, but not least are the sports bras. These bras are specifically designed for running, dancing, hiking, doing yoga, or any other sports activity. They’re made of high-quality materials that prevent your breasts from hurting during workouts, and they wick away moisture as well.

There are a lot of different types of sports bra, such as racerback and high neck, and you can find way more interesting designs available.

You can wear it every day since it provides you with comfort and good shape.

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