11 Ultimate Bra Hacks Every Woman Should Know

An unfitting bra can be a nightmare sometimes, especially when you need to make yourself ready for a party, or some special event.

Every woman had such an experience at least once in her life – a beautiful, elegant dress spoiled with showing bra straps and bands – that’s not a component of the expected look, and it often makes you feel nervous.

The truth is that nowadays you can find a lot of handy undergarments that mostly resolve the issue mentioned above. However, most women need an instant solution, which doesn't include going to the store (which is probably closed at 10 PM) and spending some extra cash.

Believe it or not, there is plenty of one-minute bra hacks that can save your life in the most critical moments, and the "tools" you'll need are mostly found at your home.

This article will present you 11 most useful bra tricks that you can apply anytime you're facing some bra inconveniences.

1. Use Glue and Pliers to Fix the Poking Underwire

The underwire that pops out is one of the most annoying things that happen all the time. There are three options among which you can choose when it comes to that – to remove the wire, to throw away the bra, or to fix it.

If you altogether remove the poking underwire, you will lose the support, and the bra might start digging into your skin, hence – that’s not the option. Throwing away the bra is not the best solution as well, especially if it is relatively new.
So, we’ve come to the third choice – fixing the broken underwire. There are multiple bra wire hacks, but we’ll give you the two proven ones:

  • Use glue and piece of fabrics: Return the popping part of the underwire to its place, glue the hole torn by the wire, and put a small piece of material to it. The best would be putting some firmer fabrics so that the wire doesn't pierce it again.
  • Use scissors or pliers to cut the poking part: If you don’t have time to glue the holes and put the material, you can just cut the part of the underwire that pops out using pliers or scissors.

However, bear in mind that these are just temporary solutions. Sooner or later, you’ll need to purchase a new bra, possibly the one of high-quality since they are less likely to cause underwire poking.

2. Use Clips to Create a Racerback Style

When you decide to wear a racerback style outfit, you must be wondering How to hide bra straps on shoulders?

Fortunately, you can solve it in less than a minute!

Let’s start with bra strap clip DIY – all you need is a paperclip that will put your straps together in a racerback style. However, this might not work entirely for big breasts since the paperclip is too tiny to provide enough support.

The other options are a bra clip and bra strap holder which you can purchase anywhere. A bra clip works almost the same as the paperclip, but it’s a bit stronger since it’s made of plastic. A bra strap holder is similar to a regular strap, but it’s smaller.
All options can work temporarily, and they can be quite helpful when you want to hide the straps from your shoulders.

3. Remove One Strap for Halter Tops

Straps are not friendly with halter tops or dresses as well, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear them at all.

In the sea of bra strap hacks, this is one of the oldest – you need to remove one strap from your bra, wrap the other one around your neck, and hook it in the front, on the other cup.
Still, it would be better to use the elastic bra strap – that way, it won’t dig into your neck, and it will be less uncomfortable than using a regular one.

Overall, this trick helps you wear both backless and halter outfits without thinking about the visible straps.

4. Use Glue and a Strap for Strapless Bra

If you don’t have a strapless bra, and you need one immediately, the first thing you do is removing the straps from the bra you’re about to wear.

That's quite a logical solution, but it doesn’t work as well as it looks like. A regular bra without straps tends to lose all the support it had had before, and it mostly ends up slipping down your body – accordingly, that’s not the answer on how to make a bra strapless.

Instead of that, let’s have a look at the two most used strapless bra hacks:

  • Use hot glue gun: Take the gun and glue the lines of back band, as well as the lower part of the cups, where the underwires are. Wear the bra after you’ve finished sticking and you’ll notice the improvement.
  • Use the bra strap: Remove one strap from the bra, wear it, grab the strap that's left on your bra, wrap it around, and clip it to the back. And that’s how DIY strapless bra works.

5. Use Bra Strap Extender for Low-Backs Outfits

Low-back dresses and tops can be really sexy, and they work better without visible bra bands. Many women used to solve that problem by going braless – still, it is not the best choice.

Today, a bra extender is considered the best in transforming a regular bra into the practical solution for different kinds of outfits.

You just need to hook the extender to one side of your bra clasp, wrap it around your back and the front of your waist, and hook it onto your other bra strap – and you’ve got a perfect low-back bra.

6. Wear Your Sticky Bra Unclipped for Better Lift

And we’ve come to a sticky bra – the all-in-one solution for strapless and backless outfits. Still, it sometimes doesn’t provide shape and lift you expect, so, let us reveal you a quick tip for enhancing your bust in a sticky bra.

Although it’s assumed that the adhesive bra should be worn horizontally, with the clipped cups, there’s a reverse theory available – wear it vertically and unclipped. Besides it gives you better shape and cleavage, this way of wearing the bra prevents the cups from being visible on sides.

However, it’s essential to keep your bra sticky and wearable for a long time – so, wash it after each use, and make sure you store it appropriately.

7. Use Glue or Thread for Straps that Keep Showing

How to keep bra straps from showing? is another question regarding straps.

And again, it can be solved in a blink of an eye.

No matter what style you’re wearing, the straps that keep showing and slipping can be quite a disturbance. To prevent that from happening, you can use the glue. Stick the strap to your shoulder, or the garment you’re wearing and fix it.

If you are not sure about the glue, you can sew the strap and cloth together – that way, you can be entirely sure that the straps won’t fall off your shoulders anymore.

8. Utilize Safety Pin to Get More Coverage

Not every woman likes exposing their cleavage, and most of them actually feel uncomfortable when their bust is not fully covered. However, as the summer has already started, the clothes are more open itself – but there’s a hack for that as well.

The only “tool” that you need is a safety pin – hide the pin inside of the dress or top and zip the pieces of it together. It’s not a bra hack per se, but it can be useful in everyday situations.

Here is another quick tip for low-cut garments – avoid wearing push-up or padded bras if you don’t want your cleavage to be prominent. Instead, choose a T-shirt or minimizer bra, and your breasts won’t be too visible.

9. Try Gaffer Tape for Better Cleavage

Sometimes, the bra can’t give you as much cleavage and shape as you want. However, the times of stuffing your bra with socks or tissue paper have already passed, and you need a new, subtler trick.

Why don’t you try a gaffer tape? Although it doesn’t sound convenient, it can actually lift your boobs and give you a nice shape.

Cut two long strips of the tape and stick them under each bra cup, from the base of your breasts to shoulders. Lift your boobs a bit, and tape up.

Make sure the tape is long enough to provide excellent support and lift and add more if you find it necessary.

You can also put the tape on your bare breasts, but don’t forget to place a cotton pad to your nipples first – otherwise, removing the tape can be quite painful!

10. Create a Bra Organizer Using the Hangers

Girls know how essential it is to store the bras properly. If they are put in the drawer just for the sake of it, they are more prone to get damaged and unwearable.

If you don’t have enough place in your wardrobe to store all your bras, there are way more creative options that come in handy for both space-saving and preserving the bras.

One of the most popular bra storage hacks includes hangers – for instance, you can add hooks to wooden hangers and arrange them one below another. In that way, you can store all your bras so that they don’t get damaged.

11. Use Paddings to Add More Coverage & Support

Bralettes are quite popular among women, especially during summer. They are comfy and sexy, but they give no support and almost no coverage.

So, if you want to give your bralette a bit of enhancement, you can use your old swimsuit’s paddings. They will cover your nipples, and make your breasts look slightly lifted – and the best thing is, we all have ones at home!

Those paddings also come in handy when the bra straps are digging into your shoulders, causing pain and unpleasant feeling. You can fold the swimsuit inserts and place them between shoulder and strap, and the problem is solved!