10 Answers to Sticky Bra Questions Every Woman Wants to Know

You are invited to a fancy party. You found a beautiful backless dress which fits you perfectly. But there is one little thing that spoils the whole concept – a strappy bra. Every woman had such an experience at least once. It can be annoying, right?

Well, every problem has a solution. You’ve probably heard of a sticky or adhesive bra, but you’re not quite sure if it helps. For many women, this kind of bra is a myth, and they doubt its effectiveness, stability, and comfort. But that’s because they haven’t tried it yet!

1. Is Sticky Bra Really Sticky?

Well, here is the first question that comes to our mind when we talk about the adhesive bra – Is it really sticky and stable? And the answer is – yes! As the name says, it sticks to your breast and provides support and stability. And the best thing is that it’s mostly not visible through clothes.

It is important to know that not every woman is the same. Neither our breasts are. So, women with bigger breasts might have a problem finding a bra that sticks and supports perfectly. We promised you the solution, and here it comes. Check out the best sticky bras for DD cups!

And don’t apply it on a wet and moisturized skin – it prevents bra from sticking, and it can lose its adhesiveness. Make sure your skin is clean and dry, and it’ll attach easily.
Tip: If you want your bra to be sticky even after a long time, keep it in the plastic sheets that come with it or just use a plastic wrap. If you think that your bra has lost its stickiness, hand wash it, and the adhesiveness is back!

2. Is Sticky Bra Comfortable?

We want to look good, but we also want to feel that way. We used to think that these two concepts don’t work together, but trust me, everything is possible nowadays. And your question is Can I feel comfortable wearing an adhesive bra? Yes, you can! Find the fitting one, and you’ll feel the freedom.

See how to measure bra size so that you can find the perfect one!

At one moment you will probably say “It’s enough, I can’t stand it anymore,” and that’s completely normal. But before you decide to get rid of it, remember the plastic straps we used to put on our bra years ago. That thing hurts like hell!
Tip: In order to feel comfy, we suggest you put on the cups slowly, one by one. In that way, bra sticks to your breasts firmly, and it provides more “safety.” And you’re comfortable when you know that nothing is going to slip down!

3. How Should I Put On Sticky Bra?

You decide to buy a sticky bra, you go to the store, you find the perfect one, and you can’t wait to wear it. But how to do it? It might sound ridiculous when we ask how to wear something, but we really need to know the method of wearing a sticky bra. It’s still not a part of everyday clothes.

So, here are five steps which will help you put on your sticky bra correctly:
  • Step 1: Separate the cups by unhooking them.
  • Step 2: Remove the plastic backings of each cup
  • Step 3: Turn the cups inside out.
  • Step 4: Position it over the breast and make a smooth movement towards the inside.
  • Step 5: Connect the cups with a front clip and press it firmly.
Tip: Try on your sticky bra in front of a mirror. It will help you find the best and the easiest way of putting it in the right place. And see the mirror as your GPS. It is here to give you the right directions!

4. Is Adhesive Bra Washable?

If you want to have a long-lasting sticky bra, you should wash it after each use. So, the answer is yes. You should clean it by hand, and all you need is tap water and a bit of mild soap.
So, have in mind those five things:

  • Hold the cups below the running tap
  • Start washing the cups in a circular motion.
  • Avoid soaking it in water.
  • Do not use fingernails or brush to scratch the surface.
  • No bleach, alcohol or washing machine.
It doesn’t require much time, and once you’ve done it, your sticky bra is ready for the next dress!

5. Will My Breasts Look Bigger in Sticky Bra?

Almost every woman once said, “If only my boobs were bigger.” Nowadays you can solve that problem in many ways: plastic surgeries, push-up sticky bras or foam pads! But all those ways can be painful. And we’d rather avoid pain!

Again, the answer to this question is yes! And we’ll explain how to put on a sticky bra if you want your breasts to look bigger.

Bigger cleavage? No problem!

If you decide to wear a long black dress, a bigger cleavage can make it look really sexy! So, place the cups in the center part and make it cover the nipple only. You’ll have the Hollywood look in a blink of an eye!

Can it make a push-up effect? Oh, yes. Believe it or not, a sticky bra can actually make a push-up effect. Point the hooks down, push up your bust and clip the cups together. It looks better now, right?
Tip: Well, we’ve given you some tips, and we’re sure you’re going to find out more and more about how to make your bust look gorgeous. Discover what look you like the most and go get it!

6. What’s the Price of Adhesive Bra?

Well, now we know almost everything important about the sticky bra. But before we see some great models, let’s talk about the price.

We researched many websites which sell sticky bras, and we can say that the price goes from $8.00 to $65.00! So, it fits everyone’s budget.
Tip: High price doesn’t mean high quality. Have that in mind when you’re about to make a purchase.

7. Where Can I Buy a High-Quality Sticky Bra?

When it comes to lingerie, it is essential to wear and buy comfortable pieces. The bad thing is that the stores usually don’t allow you to try it on and you can’t be sure if it fits you well. That sucks.

Nowadays, it’s very common to buy clothes online. The reason? It’s usually cheaper, and the quality is not bad. And almost every website offers the precise table of measurements. So, why don’t we go shopping online?

Check out sites like Amazon, Target or Bloomingdale’s. They offer a lot of different models of adhesive bras, and it can be challenging to choose only one! They come in different colors, styles, and sizes and you can read the reviews of the other consumers. And there’s no shop assistant stalk!
Tip: Before you decide to buy a sticky bra online, make sure you’ve measured your bust correctly, you don’t want to make a mistake. If you don’t want to risk by ordering, check out the stores and see if you can try on the bra. That’s the best way to know if it fits or no.

8. What are Sticky Bra Best Selling Models?

It is common that people spend hours and hours researching the stuff they want to buy. Well, we can spend weeks and weeks, and we still don’t find what we want! We’ve researched the web so that we could see the Best-Selling bras. It can help us decide faster!

So, we made a list of Top 5 models, and we hope it helps you find the best adhesive bra!

1. Tidetell Self Adhesive Silicone Strapless Bra: The first on the Best-Selling list. This self-adhesive bra is convenient for backless dresses or tops, and its color is nude. So, you can wear it without thinking that it might be visible through clothes. And it’s affordable!

2. Kingoudoor Backless Strapless Push-Up Sticky Bra: This sticky bra with strings has two advantages – it’s strapless, and it’s push-up. It comes in two colors, nude and black, and it’s a perfect choice for women with smaller breasts.

3. Voluptuous Silicone Lift Adhesive Bra: This model is perfect when you decide to wear an open cleavage dress. It’s not visible, it provides stability, and it comes in all sizes. It’s the great sticky bra for DD cups as well.

4. Voluptuous Backless Strapless Underwire Bra: If you still don’t believe in sticky bras’ stickiness, we suggest you this underwire bra. It will make you feel more confident since there’s an additional supporter – a wire.

5. Go Bare Backless Strapless Underwire Bra: If you are looking for more shape and definition, have a look at this great piece. It’s perfect for both small and big breasts, and we recommend it for any type of dress or clothes in general.

Well, this is just a small list of recommendations when you’re not sure what’s the perfect choice for you. Explore the other sites as well; maybe you’ll find even something better!
Tip: Always have in mind the look you want to achieve. Search the internet, look for the pictures, read the comments, reviews and descriptions of the products. If it’s a bestseller, it doesn’t mean it’s the best product.

9. Does 2-Inch Gaffers Tape Work?

Trends are changing, and nothing can surprise us anymore. We use different tricks to look beautiful, but adhesive tape? Really?

More and more women tend to use this product instead of a sticky bra. The reason is simple. The tape brings us everything we want – stability, support, shape, and definition.

This tape is very thick and firm, but it’s not too sticky. So, don’t worry, everything will stay in its place. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian “wear” it on the red carpet and we must admit that her cleavage always looks stunning!
Tip: When you decide to put it on, take the roll of the tape, start under your right breast, unroll it and put it around your neck like a halter and end it under the other breast. You still don’t believe it? See the experiment these women did!

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